Fooducopia was founded in 2008 when two entrepreneurs realized a need to bridge the gap between small scale producers and consumers.  Our mission is simple: we connect food entrepreneurs and local farmers to customers across the country.

The products available on Fooducopia offer customers a respite from bland, soulless food churned out of factories. Instead, customers have the opportunity to experience the freshest produce and a wide variety of artisan foods filled with the heart and soul of the people who made them.

Small scale food producers have an opportunity to expand their businesses in a cost efficient way.  Fooducopia takes the burden off of their shoulders by reducing risk and eliminating the stress of growing pains. The ease and convenience of Fooducopia allow producers to maintain their individuality and focus on creating the finest products around.  With Fooducopia, farmers and food entrepreneurs can strengthen the bond with their local communities, while connecting to a national audience.

Fooducopia began with just a dream and a few sellers.  Today hundreds of unique products from dozens of producers are available at www.Fooducopia.com.

The Real People, Real Food Marketplace!

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