Monsanto myth debunked


By Diane Adam March 12, 2017 No Comments on Monsanto myth debunked

Monsanto myth revealed in new report





Growing up in a Greek-American household, bedtime stories did not include children’s books featuring animals, such as those in The Tale of Peter Rabbit. But rather my dad sailed us to the Greek islands through the world of ancient Greek mythology. My siblings and I championed Prometheus, who stole the fire from the gods to give to us mere mortals, or Pegasus, the beloved horse whose wings got too close to the sun. But my favorite is the myth of Sisyphus—punished for his craftiness and unlawfulness.

My dad, in his subtle Greek accent, recounted with vivid details the punishment that befell on Sisyphus for his deceitfulness. Forced day in and day out, Sisyphus rolled a huge boulder up a steep mountain only to see it miss the top and roll back down. Sisyphus’ punishment is a forceful reminder to examine truth versus myth.

At times, I would lie in my bed thinking, “why was he so stupid to lie in the first place?” Through the mind of a child, I quickly realized Sisyphus was to blame.

This week my mind drifted back to Sisyphus.

A new report by the Special Rapporteur on the right to food, presented to the United Nations Human Rights Council, debunked the myth that Monsanto and other companies continue to propagate —the need for pesticides to feed the world. To sum it up—Monsanto’s mouthpiece is a myth. It’s not truth but is a false idea that has poisoned the American mind and soil.

The report is a grim reminder that our food, which is loaded with pesticides, is not the way to feed the world. The report slams pesticides and the “catastrophic impacts on the environment, human health and society as a whole.” Particularly alarming is the exposure to the voiceless—children. “Children are most vulnerable to pesticide contamination,” the report states. It’s time to push for more good honest food. It starts at the farm to table restaurant.

One will never know the reason behind Sisyphus’ unlawfulness. But for whatever reason the punishment leaves Sisyphus defeated.

It is time to interpret truth through mythology and let Monsanto carry the huge boulder.

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Health benefits of mushrooms check this out!


By Diane Adam March 7, 2017 No Comments on Health benefits of mushrooms check this out!

Health benefits of mushrooms exceeds late night cravings

The health benefits of mushrooms always seem to get a bad rap. It’s as if mushrooms are only known for a late night pizza topping or a late night party. But after taking a closer look—there is much to discover. In fact, the health benefits of mushrooms are overwhelming.

When I first set out to explore the powerful nutrients found in this fungi, I turned to our friends at Hazel Dell Mushrooms. Organic restaurant Fooducopia is proud to partner with Colorado’s Hazel Dell Mushrooms to bring diners the best possible organic mushrooms to their plate.


Hazel Dell Mushrooms was started by Jim Hammond in 1980 in Sana Cruz, CA. The farm originally grew certified organic oyster mushrooms. At that time, the organic production method was chosen because of the demands of the mushroom species grown and due to a strong local organic market.

In 1993, Jim and his wife Toni Hammond sold their northern California operation and started a new farm in Fort Collins, CO. Over the years, they have added cultivation of several additional mushroom species including Shiitake, Crimini, Lions Mane, Royal Trumpet, Maitake, Piopino, and Cinnamon Cap. All of these varieties are grown organically in climate controlled buildings right here on Colorado’s Front Range. The farm is Certified Organic by the Colorado Department of Agriculture and is Food Safety/Good Agricultural Practices certified by the US Department of Agriculture.

“Most mushrooms are generally known to be rich in amino acids so that they can be used as a partial replacement for animal protein,” explains owner Jim Hammond. “In addition they are reputed to contribute ‘Umami’ to food dishes. This is the 5th savory’ flavor characteristic in addition to sweet, sour, salty, and bitter.”


Owner Jim Hammond (left) and farm manager Jared Scherger in the harvest room.

Jared Scherger, farm manager at Hazel Dell Mushrooms, offered some great advice on anything having to do with mushrooms.

Tells us a little bit about the health benefits of the mushrooms you grow at Hazel Dell.

JS: Mushrooms are considered a superfood because they are jam-packed with a variety of beneficial vitamins and minerals. Among the beneficial vitamins found in mushrooms is Vitamin D. In fact mushrooms are one of the only foods, which naturally contain Vitamin D. They are also high in antioxidants and help to promote  healthy immune system function. 

Hazel Dell is organic. Why is this so important to you?

JS: Here at Hazel Dell we believe that organic farming is overall better for the health of our customers and the planet. As an organic farm we do not use any chemical fertilizers, fungicides or pest control products in our process. This is important because mushrooms are able to easily absorb pesticides and fungicides. We believe we are able to produce a healthier and tastier product through our organic farming methods. 

How do you encourage people to put mushrooms more into their daily diet?

JS: Mushrooms have so many different flavors and textures that they lend themselves to a wide variety of culinary dishes. We encourage our customers to be creative when cooking with our mushrooms. Try them as an alternative to meat in any of your favorite dishes. We also sell dried mushrooms and dried mushroom powders which can be incorporated into many dishes or used as a seasoning.


Mushroom Pesto Sandwich organic crimini mushrooms, roasted red peppers, provolone & house-made pesto on Breadworks ciabatta bread.

So are you ready to give mushrooms the attention they deserve? Great! Be sure to start with Chef Richard’s mushroom entrees at Fooducopia. They don’t disappoint.

For breakfast I suggest the Wild Mushroom Benedict  wild mushrooms, organic tomato, spinach with mini moos goat feta & hollandaise.

For lunch I suggest the: Mushroom Pesto Sandwich  organic crimini mushrooms, roasted red peppers, provolone & house-made pesto on Breadworks ciabatta bread.

Who knows. . .you might end up with a new favorite—filled with healthful benefits, no less!

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Denver Restaurant Week Menu is Here!


By Diane Adam February 23, 2017 No Comments on Denver Restaurant Week Menu is Here!


GMO apples promote unhealthy perception for kids


By Diane Adam February 17, 2017 No Comments on GMO apples promote unhealthy perception for kids

GMO apples take a bite out of perfection



The GMO community is now taking a bite out of perfection. GMO apples, which are being touted as having the ability to dismantle the browning in apples, will soon hit supermarkets this month in the Midwest. But to me I see a dangerous path that we are walking down. Not from my viewpoint, but my kids.

Every day I pack my kids lunch with a few varieties of fruits and vegetables. A few sliced apples, with the skin on of course, is one of them. When they were young, I would tell them that with all its beauty the browning of the apple is not a flaw, but rather a way of life for these apple slices. So in a sense the apples’ imperfections are what makes it remain perfect.

So what do my kids do? They eat them. Accepting them with their browning and all because that is the way the apple is. End of story. That is until now. I was saddened to hear the news that GMO apples will eliminate the browning. The report here explains their reasoning and convincing. But to this mother of three. I am not buying it.

Through the eyes of the child we are now telling them to consume something that looks prettier, more attractive. Why? So they can judge their apples on appearance only—when in fact the GMO apples has less than the apple that browns. Because you see, in order for the apple not to brown you must omit something from the seed that planted it.

The often touted slogan: “image is everything” is voraciously trying to be dismantled by the weary parents who battle this misconception on a daily basis. Teaching your kids to look from the heart is essential. So why would we trick our kids into taking a bite out of a shiny GMO apple upon the wish that it will grant a false perfection?


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Three words: Comfort food here!


By Diane Adam February 2, 2017 No Comments on Three words: Comfort food here!

Comfort food at Fooducopia features Chef Richard’s heartwarming pot roast



Comfort food at Fooducopia is full of heartwarming flavors.

This winter, Colorado has seen its fair share of snow and ice. With the winter weather hitting down on us, now is the best time to venture out and enjoy comfort food for dinner at organic restaurant Fooducopia.

I think it is safe to say that comfort food comes in all shapes and sizes. But the end point is the same. When we enjoy the meal there is a comfort that we experience unlike any other meal.

Comfort food can be defined as food that provides consolation and is sometimes, if not always, associated with childhood or home cooking.

My earliest memories of my mom’s comfort food begins with oxtail stew. Oxtail for those of you who don’t know comes from the tail of the cow. The tail is skinned and cut into sections. The bonus is that each section has marrow in the center. This is where the memories kick into overdrive for me. I remember the stew simmering on the stove and my dad could never wait. He would take a piece and share the marrow with me.

In fact, my dad was the first to educate me on how unbelievably healthy bone marrow is—especially when it comes to protein.

Here at Fooducopia, Executive Chef Richard Glover has tapped these yearnings for comfort food in Denver. This month’s Centerpiece Menu for dinner features a slow cooked pot roast with house made cranberry chipotle BBQ sauce and roasted carrots that will prompt you to call your mom and tell her that you love and miss her cooking.

So be sure to make a reservation to Fooducopia this month to enjoy a meal that is as close to home as they come—comfort food.


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