Friday night comfort food

Good. Honest. Comfort. Food!


Today is a good day to comfort yourself. It’s Friday. You have made it through a week like no other. If you are like me your wave of emotions have been deep. You are waiting for the return of the normal. And it will. We are not drowning, even though it feels like we are holding back an ocean of uncertainty. Take hold. This too shall pass.

So this is where I hope you cling to things that bring you comfort. A good book, a walk around the neighborhood. Anything to wash over your fearful feelings.

Tonight at Fooducopia, Chef Richard is offering a wonderful meatloaf for dinner that is the perfect way to enjoy good. honest. comfort. food.  We all need it—to embrace the feeling of well-being. And trust me, Chef Richard’s meatloaf will do that. Using only the finest ingredients, this meal will grace your table with plenty and no disappointments.

Please give us call at 303-722-7838 to place your order for Take Out or Delivery.










Hope in the everyday

What beauty did you find today?

Today is different from any other of my Wednesday walks. And I am sure that is how it is for you as well. There is distance between people. And this is unnatural.

My daily walks always start southbound. I like to follow a routine. Today, as I walked down my street, I smiled at anyone who approached my path. I practiced social distancing, but I also practiced common courtesy—a wave hello to anyone. A chance to spread kindness.

A few blocks into my walk I saw something up ahead on the sidewalk. As I got closer I was met with a piece of art. Yep, right there on the sidewalk was a burst of bright yellows, reds and deep blues.

My daughter’s classmate created the above masterpiece. Using only sidewalk chalk, it stopped me dead in my tracks. I smiled and quickly took out my camera to share with you.

This burst of color unhinged me from negative emotions. It reminded me that the slightest crack of light could pierce the darkness of worry, fear and anxiety.  For me it was cracks of yellow, red and blue. One of my favorite artists, Wassily Kandinsky, famously said, “color transmits and translates emotion.”

I wanted to share the picture with you for one simple reason— to encourage you to stay positive even though our negative emotions are running wild. Take hold of those emotions and remember that there is hope in the everyday. For me it was painted on the sidewalk. How about you? What beauty did you find today?

Stay positive Fooducopia Fans!







The Denver Wash Park community

Denver Wash Park community
Fooducopia Little Farmers listen to Tim Lymberopoulos talk about growing food. File photo.

A few years ago Tim Lymberopoulos had an idea. Let’s get neighborhood kids from the Denver Wash Park community to come to Fooducopia to learn about food. The idea blossomed into Fooducopia Little Farmers. The weekly gathering offered the kids the opportunity to plant seeds, grow and learn about the power of food. But something else grew—friendships grew.

“I’m so thankful we were able to do Little Farmers,” recalled Tim. “I got to meet so many neighbors. The Denver Wash Park community is simply the best. It has and continues to be so generous with its support of Fooducopia.”

The world at the moment looks different now, but Tim, Chef Richard Glover and the entire team wants Fooducopia to be a beacon of light.  The restaurant is now offering take out and delivery to continue to provide good honest food.

“Everyone craves food, but there is also a deep hunger for community,” said Tim. “Over the last week, each time the phone rings at the restaurant callers have been so positive.  It reminds Chef Richard and the entire staff that we are in this fight together—as a community.”

Famed American poet Gwendolyn Brooks got it right when she penned:

We are each other’s harvest:

we are each other’s business:

we are each other’s magnitude and bond.


Just give us a ring ☎️

Mushrooms make Chef a fun guy!

Let’s make Chef Richard smile!

Thank you Fooducopia Fans for your continued support! We have a special treat for you. Chef Richard’s wild-Colorado-mushroom omelette with roasted red peppers and goat cheese is having a special celebration that we hope you will support—in fact it will make Chef Richard smile. So starting today and tomorrow you can order this mouth-watering entree and receive a 25% discount. Why? Well we think it’s important to show kindness when times are tough.

Have you ever met a mushroom you didn’t like? Neither has Chef Richard. In fact one of his first menu items at Fooducopia featured this fun guy. Oh wait, I meant fungi. The much-loved wild-Colorado-mushroom omelette with roasted red peppers and goat cheese is a Fooducopia fan favorite—just ask Westword which heralded us Best Brunch Denver in 2014 mentioning this entree.

So do yourself a favor and make Chef Richard smile even more! Wait is that even possible? I mean the guy is also a champion storyteller with a twinkle in his eye—as well as a master chef. But let’s at least try.

So go ahead and give the restaurant a call at 303-722-7838 to place you order for the wild-Colorado-mushroom omelette with roasted red peppers and goat cheese and receive a 25% discount. I guarantee you will make his day more fun!








From Tim – Changes at Fooducopia

Chef Richard, my team, and I are humbled and filled with gratitude by the recent support of guests during this trying time.  We have been inspired by the level of commitment to Fooducopia witnessed this last week.  From the bottom of my heart, I say thank you!
Due to the escalating spread of the corona virus, we are going to implement a change at Fooducopia.  Starting Wednesday, we will only be offering to go orders and delivery.  We believe this to be prudent for the health of our staff and our community.  But we also want to be able to provide good honest food to you.  
  • Our hours of operation will be the same, except we will stop taking dinner orders at 7pm.  
  • Take out will be conducted the same by calling 303-722-7838
  • Our menu will be online at
  • Initially, we will deliver to the following zip codes: 80209 and 80210
This decision was not taken lightly nor in haste. Fooducopia has evolved and adapted several times over the years.  I believe with God’s wisdom and mercy, our dedicated staff, and our close knit community, Fooducopia will endure.  
I want to express my personal thanks to all whom have dined at Fooducopia. These relationships go beyond the meal on your plate. They are personal—and keep me thankful, inspired, and humbled each and every day. In fact, I believe that these bonds are much stronger than this pandemic. Fooducopia is honored to be part of Wash Park and we look forward to serving you.
Please share with friends and neighbors to help get the word out.
Updates going forward available on:
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