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By Erin Harvey March 8, 2010 1 Comment on Anija’s Spicy Mustard

Anija's Spicy MustardWhen Tuija Nordstrom moved from her native Finland to the United States, one thing she brought with her was her mother’s mustard recipe.  Her mother had been making the mustard for decades, and Tuija carried on the tradition by giving it as a gift to friends in the U.S.

Tuija was a bio-medical scientist in Fort Collins, Colorado, but decided to quit working to spend more time with her children and to sell her mustard. So, Anija’s Spicy Mustard, named after her mother, began in 2006.

In starting her company and preparing to share her homemade mustard with the public, Tuija found that her scientific background was both helpful and a hindrance.  Unlike working in a lab with chemicals, the kitchen is very different – there is a lot more variation in natural ingredients.  “You cannot calculate it on paper and expect it to work,” said Tuija.  “But, my background has helped me plan, what I call ‘kitchen experiments,’ with results that must be repeatable.

Anija's logoEach batch of Anija’s mustard must be perfect before it is bottled and sold, and Tuija’s scientific precision has paid off.  Less than a year after starting her company, Anija’s won three prestigious great taste awards:  a gold medal in the 2007 Worldwide Mustard Festival in Napa Valley, winner of the 2007 Scovie Awards, and the 2007 winner of the Hot Pepper Awards.

Today, Anija’s has three unique mustards:  Mom’s Recipe, the family recipe; Twice Bitten, a spicy chipotle paprika mustard; and Zazzy Lime, a sweet-hot lime mustard.  Tuija is working to perfect her fourth homemade mustard recipe now.

“The best way for people to know about Anija’s mustard is to taste it,” says Tuija.  So, ditch your standard yellow mustard, and give good mustard a try.  Order your mustard gifts today.


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    I received your information from Amy and Greg. We are interested in carrying your product at our coffee shop/ market in Bellvue. Please let me know your wholesale cost and product line? Our website is Thanks


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