Creating Gourmet Jams and Preserves: Lu Austin


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Jeff and Linda Klean want their gourmet jams, preserves, and beer bread mixes to inspire delicious, mouth-watering meals. Through Lu Austin Brand, they help people turn a simple meal into something memorable for their families.

Gourmet Jams and Preserves: Lu Austin BrandLu Austin Fast Facts

“Simple Foods Made Delicious”

Selling Since: 2003

Home Base: Elkhorn, Wisconsin

Signature Products: Fruit & Jalapeno jam gifts

Jeff and Linda are a two-person team with a commercial kitchen installed right inside their Wisconsin home. Their first and middle names are Linda Lu and Jeff Austin. Combined into a jam and beer bread mix powerhouse, they are the Lu Austin Brand.

Most of their jams and preserves involve a fusion of sweet and spicy flavors, such as cherry chipotle and blackberry citrus jalapeno. Jeff said they use a liquid pectin rather than the cheaper powdered version, which he believes makes the flavor 100-percent better.

While they’re excellent toast-toppers, the Kleans’ preserves also work well in appetizers and dinner entrées. Try serving them with cream cheese and crackers or use one as a glaze for pork tenderloin.

Their beer bread mixes allow people to make bread at home without a bread machine or a lot of time. Put the mix in a bowl, add beer, bake, and you’ve got fresh bread, says Jeff.

Jeff and Linda use the time-honored methods of preserving foods the way their grandmothers did. Every part of their business seems to reflect past traditions and to strive toward reinforcing future ones.

Helping people create special meals for their families and a strong sense of home is central to the mission of the Lu Austin Brand.

Try including their jams and preserves or beer bread mix into one of your next family meals.

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