Brunch Menu Ideas: Post-St. Patrick’s Day Party


By Jessica Lymberopoulos March 8, 2012 2 Comments on Brunch Menu Ideas: Post-St. Patrick’s Day Party

When St. Patrick’s Day falls on a Saturday, as it does this year, it opens up a fantastic opportunity for the next day — a Post-St. Patrick’s Day Sunday brunch! No matter how many Irish jigs your friends have danced the night before, you can be sure they’ll turn up for the morning-after party if you go with these brunch menu ideas.

The Menu

This brunch menu is inspired by the traditional Irish breakfast spread. For the “Painkiller” Cones, fill paper cones with a mix of grilled tomatoes, grilled sliced mushrooms, and diced grilled potatoes, then top with a fried egg. They’re a hardy cure-all that you can serve in a convenient, mingle-friendly manner!

Keep the starchy and protein-rich goodness going with sides of baked beans, sausage, and oven-fresh toast. If you can find some at a local European market, your guests will enjoy daring each other to try black and/or white pudding — UK specialties few Americans have learned to appreciate.

The scones are a nice slightly sweet way to round out the meal. And be sure to serve lots of hot tea, coffee, and orange juice to keep everyone well-hydrated.

Nature’s Painkillers

Try these local and non-GMO tomatoes from Denver’s Corner Store by Fooducopia. They’re vine-ripened and strikingly red — perfect for the Painkiller Cones.

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  1. frenchtwistedwoman says:

    May I offer this recipe that I just posted, if you'd like to do a soup with your brunch?

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