Valentine’s Day Dinner Ideas

By Nicole Hopping February 7, 2013 No Comments on Valentine’s Day Dinner Ideas

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Flowers, candy, wine, cards, and perhaps even jewelry are staples for every Valentine’s Day celebration. But a romantic dinner coupled with a decadent dessert is the cornerstone for a Valentine’s Day to remember.

If the crowds and over-priced meals associated with a night on the town are not quite what you had in mind this year, Fooducopia has a few tips to help infuse luxury and enjoyment into your romantic night in.

  • Buon Appetito: Choose a theme for the evening—Italian wine, focaccia bread, marinated olives, pizza, and pasta never looked so good. French cuisine, with its rich sauces and full-bodied wines, is also an apt choice.
  • Breakfast for Dinner: Sweet, savory, or both, a breakfast-inspired dinner might be just what you’re looking for. Try strawberry and cream cheese crepes, heart shaped pancakes, or a breakfast gratin.
  • Don’t Skip the Appetizers: How often do we really have an appetizer before dinner at home? If you’re anything like me, rarely. Plan a tasty appetizer to share before the main course. Artisan cheese with crackers is a seamless addition to any meal. For a sweet and savory combination try Good Shepard’s French Pyrenees Cheese with a dollop of honey and fig preserves.
  • Make a Date of it: During the hum drum of daily life cooking can become a chore. Reconnect this Valentine’s Day by choosing a new and perhaps uncharted recipe together. Sip wine and enjoy the process, together.
  • Simplify: If the thought of making a four or five course meal sends your head spinning, consider ordering a salad or side dish from a restaurant and cook only the main course and dessert.
  • Indulge: Chocolates and truffles are Valentine’s Day mainstay, but other fruit flavored desserts can be equally satisfying and festive. Try Canelita Bakery’s Raspberry Papitas De Leche, a creamy Venezuelan treat, or enjoy dipping your own strawberries with Cabernet’s Fudge Sauce.
  • Decorate: Pick up a few bouquets for table décor but also use a few buds to garnish the food, buy a festive tablecloth, light candles and turn down the lights, play music, and wear an apron!

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