Oh, Honey! Denver Local Honey and Allergies

By Jessica Lymberopoulos April 18, 2013 No Comments on Oh, Honey! Denver Local Honey and Allergies

Are you coping with itchy eyes, runny nose, headache, or a lack of energy and wondering what’s up?

Well, Fox 31 just released the dismal news for Denver — allergy season is ramping up early this year due to warmer temperatures.

If you hold the widespread belief that eating locally produced honey may help alleviate your symptoms, I’m afraid I have some more bad news.

Researchers at the University of Connecticut put this theory to the test, and they were unable to confirm that any type of honey relieves allergy symptoms (2002 Study).


It’s hard to believe that such a prevalent notion could be completely false. But even WebMD’s answer is an abrupt, “No.”

There are, however, some science-backed medicinal uses of honey that may explain why the local-honey-for-allergies myth lives on. 

A few studies have confirmed that honey can be more effective at suppressing nighttime coughs for children than regular cough suppressants and antihistamines. That goes for both local and non-local types of honey.

So if your seasonal allergy symptoms affect your throat or upper respiratory passages, you may find that honey is an effective treatment. Honey just isn’t a confirmed preventative medicine for allergies, as most people believe.

So, the crux here is this: don’t buy local honey merely for its alleged use for allergy prevention. Use honey as a treatment for cold symptoms, and consider buying local honey (and other local products) as a way to help grow a more sustainable community.

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