Foods with No Sugar Added: The Sneaky & Tasty Way to Healthier Snacking

By Nicole Hopping May 2, 2013 No Comments on Foods with No Sugar Added: The Sneaky & Tasty Way to Healthier Snacking

Food for Thin Lemon Bars

Whether you’re following a strict diet or simply trying to cut down on added sugar, Fooducopia has a wealth of options to satisfy your cravings without the added sugar. These products all use refined sugar alternatives like honey, agave, or stevia, or simply omit added sweeteners altogether by capitalizing on the sugars that naturally occur in the food, like sugars in fruit.


Nature’z Candyz

This San Diego based company has elevated snacking to a whole new level. Touting an entire line of gourmet dried fruits without added sugar or preservatives, eating your daily serving of fruits has never been easier — or tastier! For a classic flavor, grab a bag of the Cinnamon Applez or, if you’re feeling adventurous, check out the Lime Bananaz.



Chocolate chip and pumpkin cranberry cookies never felt so good. These vegan morsels are made without gluten, soy, preservatives, or added sweeteners, making them the ultimate guilt-free indulgence. What’s more, Mac-n-Mo’s has created a do-it-yourself Morselicious Mix, for homemade vegan cookies in a snap.


Bunnery Natural Foods

Wholesome, nourishing, and healthy could be the mantra of this bakery specializing in granola and hot cereal.  Granola made from oats, seeds, and nuts, and sweetened with a touch of coconut and wildflower honey instead of refined sugar, makes for a hearty breakfast or snack. You might also try their O.S.M. Hot Cereal which blends oats, cracked wheat, millet, oat bran, and seeds while steering clear of sweeteners and preservatives.


Food for Thin

Who would have guessed that rich, Chocolate Hazelnut Brownies could be so delicious without the use of wheat, dairy, or added sweeteners? Food for Thin defies all common notions of dessert indulgence with their healthy spin on baked goods. The best part? They make everything from Lemon Bars to Pie. One bite and you’ll never go back to mainstream desserts again.

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