Feeding Fido: Dog Treats Made in the USA

By Nicole Hopping June 18, 2013 No Comments on Feeding Fido: Dog Treats Made in the USA

230119_10101659446852013_1359063411_nWe want only the best for the four-legged members of our family, which is why Fooducopia proudly offers wholesome, natural dog treats made in the USA. After all, feeding Fido the right way can only be done when we know exactly what he’s eating!


Tricky Triskutstricky triskuts

Opting for human consumption-grade ingredients, Tricky Triskuts formulates their treats especially for canine digestive systems. They’re also a gluten free doggie bakery, so treats are made using sweet potato, rice, veggies, and meat, in lieu of wheat. Try the Triple Pack protein treats made with venison, duck, and buffalo liver.


bones du jourBones Du Jour

We often eat organic, locally sourced food using ingredients from hormone & antibiotic free animals, so why not use the same standards when feeding our pooches? That’s the mantra of Bones Du Jour, a Fort Collins based dog-biscuit company. What’s more, no salt, sweeteners, or preservatives are added to their treats, ensuring only the freshest, human consumption-grade food for our furry friends.

Concerned about potential food allergies? Try the Bare Bones Peanut Butter treats which are vegan and made without soy, corn, or wheat.

If you’re looking for a gift for that special someone pup, check out the Bones Du Jour Gift Basket, where even the basket is edible!


With vendors like Tricky Triskuts and Bones Du Jour, keeping Fido happy and healthy has never been easier. Order a few different varieties today to keep those tails wagging!

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