Fooducopia’s Chocolate Pioneers Boast the Best Dairy-Free Chocolates Around

By Nicole Hopping June 6, 2013 No Comments

The Chocolate Sutras

Truffles from The Chocolate Sutra

Fooducopia is lucky to have a group of chocolatiers that defy common conceptions of rich, creamy chocolate. Made with ingredients like organic coconut milk, organic honey, and organic maple syrup, these chocolates are all dairy-free—a testament to the fact that chocolate candy, and even truffles, can be enjoyed in dairy-free and, in some cases, vegan form.

The Chocolate Sutra

Opting for alcohol free, organic vanilla extract and natural sweeteners in lieu of refined sugar or high fructose corn syrup, these dairy free truffles couldn’t be more pure. The Classic Bittersweet Truffle is great for parties, while the Strawberry Gourmet version makes a great summer time treat. If you’re craving aromatic spices, try the Cardamom Gourmet Truffle and pair it with a cup of chai tea.


Spice Rack Chocolates

Travel the world through chocolate with the unique blends of herbs, fruits, spices, coffees, and teas from Spice Rack Chocolates. With flavors like Key Lime & Jamaican Curry, or Celtic Smoked Sea Salt & White Ground Pepper found in the Spice Rack Collection, you’ll never settle for plain Jane chocolate again. Spice Rack Chocolates infuse multiple flavors into each piece which creates and intense, layered flavor that will keep you coming back for more!


Honey Acres

Bee keepers from rural Wisconsin knew they created a masterpiece when they mixed pure honey, raw chocolate, and peppermint oil. The result was an all-natural, Honey Mint Chocolate which has been winning awards and pleasing large crowds of chocolate lovers for years on end. The best part? They’re dairy-free.


With the help of these chocolate pioneers, following a dairy-free, allergy sensitive, or vegan lifestyle has never been easier… or tastier! Perhaps the most remarkable attribute of these vendors though, is the decadence of their products from a chocolate connoisseur’s standpoint—I’d venture that the rich flavors in these dairy free varieties rival those made with milk, cream, or butter!

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