Sweet on Eco-BeeCo: The Best Natural Sugar Substitute

By Nicole Hopping June 27, 2013 No Comments on Sweet on Eco-BeeCo: The Best Natural Sugar Substitute


Eco-BeeCo Natural Sweetener

If you’re sweet on sugar but a battle rages on between your sweet tooth and health-conscious nature, look no further. Eco-BeeCo is nature’s great tasting alternative to sugar… and the artificial powders that don pink, yellow, and blue packets.

Its maker, Sapere Natural Foods, specializes in developing healthier versions of mainstream foods and specifically designed it for people who looking for a healthier, all-natural alternative to sugar.

Derived from naturally occurring plant products and sugar alcohols, Eco-BeeCo makes the perfect substitute. Erythritol, the main component of Eco-BeeCo, is a plant based sugar alcohol. It, like all other sugar alcohols, has a very low caloric content and doesn’t cause spikes in blood sugar, which lead to crashes later on.

All other ingredients in Eco-BeeCo are natural as well: honey, maltodextrin, which is derived from starch, and lastly, Rebiana, which is made from stevia leaves.

Use Eco-BeeCo to sweeten tea or cocktails. Mix it with equal parts cornstarch and spread over muffins. Drizzle over old fashioned oatmeal or grits. Pick some up today and tell us your favorite way to use it!


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