Alpine Toffee: A Christmas (Love) Story

By Nicole Hopping November 19, 2013 No Comments

christmasstoryThe best holiday candy gifts are the ones with the richest histories, steeped in generations of vivid memories brought back to life with the first bite.  Since flavors often invoke strong memories of holidays past, you might discover that any deviation from tradition can trigger pandemonium.

Or, at least you would discover this if you were part of the corporate gift-giving team from a certain Denver-based company (who shall remain nameless). For years, this company had been giving out Colorado’s own Alpine Toffee.  Then, for some reason, perhaps in the spirit of holiday experimentation, the team decided to give out peanut brittle instead one year.

Snowy Alpine ToffeeIt…err…didn’t go well.  Employees and family members alike reacted with comic outrage.  In much the same way that Mr. Parker from A Christmas Story must have stared in devastation at the family’s ruined Christmas turkey, the corporate team quickly had a holiday party uproar on their hands. “You would have thought we’d served them chopped liver by the way they looked at it,” one executive recalled, smiling broadly.

Needless to say, the team was soon on the horn with Deena Koessl, owner of Alpine Toffee, to place a last minute order for her famous Pecan Alpine Toffee.  They won’t be making that mistake again anytime soon!

pecan alpine toffeeKoessl, who started Alpine Toffee in 2006, says it’s stories like these that make the business so special. Her customers are loyal, never straying from Alpine Toffee’s characteristic rich and buttery taste and spot on texture. “It has the perfect crunch,” one customer explained, “It’s not too hard and it never sticks to your teeth, which is such a hard balance to strike if you make it yourself.”

All of Koessl’s toffee is made by hand in her commercial kitchen space Fort Collins, Colorado, and she taste tests every batch to be sure she’s delivering that traditional Alpine Toffee flavor. “There are no automated processes. We make 20-120 pound batches from top to bottom in pans” Koessl explains, “That’s part of the reason people love our toffee so much: you can taste the difference between machines and tradition.”

Post to Pantry:  This year, give the gift of tradition to your employees or loved ones.  You can order Pecan, Almond, or Snowy Toffees through Fooducopia for family and friends.  For bulk corporate orders, try Alpine Toffee directly.

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