The Six Best High-Tech Kitchen Gadgets of 2013!

By Melissa Schneider December 23, 2013 No Comments on The Six Best High-Tech Kitchen Gadgets of 2013!

Maybe it’s a mammalian instinctual thing, but I just love shiny new kitchen toys.  The gleam of a stand mixer, the texture of a seasoned baking stone, the whirr of a high-end coffee grinder.  I think I’d rather have a walk-in closet in my kitchen than my bedroom…you get the idea.???????????????????????????????????

But even I was surprised by all the new high-tech gadgetry that’s been cooked up by food-inspired folk in the last year.  A refrigerator that texts when you’re out of onions?  A blender that grinds meat and makes ice cream?  There’s a reason why Americans spent a few billion dollars snapping up small kitchen appliances last year (NPD group)–there’s a lot of cool stuff out there!  Let me regale you with my humble new wish list of 2013’s Six Best High-Tech Kitchen Gadgets!

The Blendtec Wildside Blender

We’ve all heard of the Vitamix by now, but I didn’t realize that other blending fiends also existed.  While  browsing online during a fated Macy’s Cyber Monday event, I came across the Blendtec WildSide Blender.  In addition to making smoothies and soups, it can also be used as a meat grinder, ice cream maker, coffee grinder, juicer and bread mixer!  Who knew?  It also looks great and has touch screen controls.  This just might be the last blender you’ll ever need, and it’s 7-year warranty helps to ensure that the price tag (around $400) will be worth the investment.

iGrill it and Forget it….

Do you want to avoid undercooked or accidentally burned meat without having to hover over the grill like a helicopter parent?  I do!  The  iGrill cooking and barbecuing thermometer links a dual probing unit from your meat to a sending unit to your iPhone or iPad, transmitting temperature readouts until your meat achieves perfection.   Put the roast in the oven, drop the steaks on the grill, and climb into a nearby hammock (as long as it’s within 200 feet of the oven or grill) until dinner is ready.  It will cost you $80, but in return, the iGrill will take the guesswork out of cooking meat–pretty sweet!

Samsung’s “Smart” Refrigerator

Do you ever get to the back of the fridge and wonder how long that mayonnaise has been in residence?  Or get to the store and wish you knew if you were out of pork cutlets or not?  With a Samsung LCD Refrigerator, there’ll be no question. This high-tech refrigerator will keep track of the expiration dates of its contents and maintain grocery lists. It will even play music, display your daily appointment calendar, and send text messages.  After reading the amazon reviews, I would add that this refrigerator is only worthwhile if you are computer savvy enough to set up all the reminders and screen displays properly.  But, if you have a tech-savvy chef in your life who’s worth about $2,300, this refrigerator could be just the thing.  

It’s a Microwave…It’s an Oven…It Fits in a Studio Apartment!

For friends and family with limited kitchen space, consider the LG Combo Microwave and Baking Oven.  This high-tech microwave comes with a small baking drawer that can be used for cookies, brownies, casseroles and even frozen pizza, and runs about $280.

The Smoking Gun: A Portable Food Smoker

This might be my favorite gadget yet.  If you go crazy for alderwood-smoked bacon, hickory-smoked pork, or just want to experiment with smoked oysters or chocolate or bubble gum, then check out The Smoking Gun from PolyScience.  This portable food smoker creates smoke from just about anything and infuses those natural flavors into whatever is placed inside.  A smoker-armed chef can quickly finish food with classic wood-chip flavors, or can expand his or her culinary creativity by smoking with flavors like teas, spices, and dried flowers.  For $99, you can give the gift that keeps on giving:  smoked meats, fish, spreads, heck, even Jello. Just don’t invite yourself over to dinner when they try that last one… The Smoking Gun runs on 4 AA batteries (included) and comes with two half-ounce sample jars of PolyScience Hickory and Apple Wood Smoking Sawdust.

All the Single (iPad) Chefs…

Whatever your favorite high-tech gadget, here’s a great low-tech gadget to end with:  if you’re cooking with an iPad, consider making your life easier with a Belkin Kitchen Cabinet Tablet Mount. It attaches under any cabinet and swivels around so you can see your recipe from anywhere in the kitchen without splashing it with soup or flying bits of chopped onion. You can give this as a gift for around $40.  Spruce it up with an All the Cooks iPad app, and your chef will have more than 150,000 new recipes to try.

What are your favorite kitchen gadgets?  Leave a comment and share with all of us!  

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