You Say Taffy, I say Toffee: The History of America’s Favorite Holiday Treat

By Nicole Hopping December 19, 2013 No Comments on You Say Taffy, I say Toffee: The History of America’s Favorite Holiday Treat

pecan alpine toffeeShrouded in lore and the source of much light-hearted debated, the origin of toffee is a trifle unclear—likely due to the fact that the basic recipe changed often throughout history. Cultural preferences also draw a line in the sand, as Americans tend to think of toffee as a buttery, crispy slab of candy adorned with chocolate and nuts, while the Brits prefer a chewier version of the same treat. This chewiness has sparked much banter among avid toffee lovers, since chewy versions are “pulled” during the making, giving the candy a taffy-like consistency and underscoring the reasoning behind it being called taffy.

We’re not talking salt-water taffy here though, “English” toffee—which is sometimes referred to as taffy—boasts the same rich ingredients as the toffee we, in America, know and love. It just doesn’t have that snap we have come to cherish…and savor!

Those on the toffee side of the argument get bragging rights though because, according to the Oxford English Dictionary, hard toffee was first on the scene, dating back to 1817, while soft and chewy versions didn’t make their appearance until the late 1870’s.

Regardless of which came first though, I think we’re all in agreement that a rich, nutty, chocolaty treat that doesn’t stick to your teeth or require hefty amounts of jaw strength to enjoy, always has a place at our table, especially around the holidays.

And that’s why the folks at Alpine Toffee in Fort Collins, Colorado have their work cut out for them. Christmas just wouldn’t be the same, after all, if we didn’t get enjoy a handful of Almond Toffee as we sip our hot apple cider by the fire.Snowy Alpine Toffee

This year, get creative with Alpine Toffee. Try one of these recipes using Alpine Toffee and let us know how you and your loved ones enjoyed it!


Toffee Chip Cookies

Because who wouldn’t want to bite into their favorite cookie and find bits of Snowy Alpine Toffee?


Toffee-Dusted Pumpkin Pie

Dress up your classic pumpkin pie this year by sprinkling Pecan Alpine Toffee on the top. Ooeey gooey bliss.


Pumpkin Muffins

Skip the pumpkin granola or chocolate chip add-ins this year and go straight for the toffee. You’ll be the hit of the Christmas party.


Hot Buttered Rum

Adorn your favorite holiday drink with the crunchy goodness of Almond Alpine Toffee.


Not much of a cook? Give a Fooducopia Holiday Gift Box instead. No one will fault you for showing up to the in-law’s house without homemade baked goods when you come bearing a box full of coffee, toffee, and fudge sauce.

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