Things for Kids: Fooducopia announces Little Farmers Summer Program

Things for kids: Register now for Little Farmers



Looking for things for kids to do this summer? Register for the Little Farmers Summer Program at Fooducopia.

“If kids grow kale, they eat kale.”—Ron Finley

The school season is winding down and summer is fast approaching. There is always a sigh of relief as parents head into the last stretch of the school year. The thought of not having to make lunches is enough to give any mom a reason to hit the snooze button again. But then there is the downside to summer break. The dreaded fear of what will my kid do all day during the summer. The tug of the electronics to dominate the day is a constant war between parents and kids these days.

So where can one find an activity this summer that kids can enjoy and learn something that is not connected to an iPad, iPhone or other device? Right here at Fooducopia.

Fooducopia is excited to launch its Little Farmers Summer Program.GGGGGG

“Fooducopia, a local and organic restaurant in Wash Park, is excited to launch our Little Farmers program to get kids excited about growing food,” said Tim Lymberopoulos owner of Fooducopia. “I grew up in the Midwest where my siblings and I were surrounded by miles of farmland and I learned to appreciate the process of growing food.”

Inspired by his childhood, Tim hopes to give Denver kids a glimpse of what it means to grow and harvest food. Or as he says, “to teach kids the value of growing food.” Fooducopia will unveil new planter boxes on Race Street that will transform the concrete and asphalt that is there now into a growing garden community.

HHHHThere is a myriad of research on the positive effects of kids who grow or farm their own food. In fact Nimali Fernando, MD, MPH and Melanie Potock, MA, CCC-SLP sum it up best: “Studies show that when children have contact with soil during activities like digging and planting, they have improved moods, better learning experiences and decreased anxiety. Most important, the self-esteem a child gets from eating a perfect cucumber that he grew himself is priceless.”

Lymberopoulos, who feels strongly about honest and good food, wants to lead by example. “Fooducopia is passionate about honest and good food and we can’t think of a better way than to show kids where that food came from and how it was grown.”

The Fooducopia Little Farmers Summer Program will meet on Wednesdays from 4 pm – 4:45 pm twice a month at Fooducopia, 1939 E. Kentucky Ave., Denver.  Accepted age group: 6-12 years old.  This is a first come, first serve basis. Class size is limited to 15 kids. Registration is $35 for the entire summer season. Parent or guardian must be present.  For more information on the Little Farmers summer program and to register please send an email to Registration deadline is May 11, 2016.



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