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In a few short weeks, the holiday season will be in full force. So in order to hear these last few movements of adagio (slow and steady), I took my girls for an afternoon meal at Fooducopia that featured good organic food at the perfect pace.

When the girls and I finished our walk around Wash Park on the unusually warm autumn Sunday, they were more than thrilled to plop themselves down at an open table. We took longer at the park than I thought so the afternoon was all ours—we wanted to enjoy the day at the right tempo. Slow and steady.

The fresh mountain air and the warm sun was enough to make my girls ready to enjoy some good organic food. In fact, my eldest decided to go bold and not order off the kid’s menu choices. Instead, she picked the Cuban Sandwich—Tender Belly slow roasted pork, The Real Dill pickles, Finnish-style mustard & Swiss cheese on Breadworks rustique bread. It was her first Cuban and according to her it was the “best of the best.”

Cuban Sandwich at Fooducopia: loaded with all the right flavors!

When I asked for a bite, the glance said it all— “this is all mine.”

She gobbled up the pork sandwich in no time. The clean plate said it all. In fact there was nothing left for me to finish—something parents often find themselves willfully doing.

My youngest and I noshed on the Caesar salad with grilled chicken that was both light and refreshing. It was fun to share this with my little one.

I smiled both inside and out at the memories we made. And it ended on an even higher note: the girls told me they loved their afternoon lunch—music to my ears.

With the holidays fast approaching, we all feel the tempo pick up. The hectic pace is quicker. Like a crescendo, the holidays boom a more frenzied pace.

So mark some time at Fooducopia to enjoy the leisure of good organic food at the right pace.

You won’t miss a beat!



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