Restaurants nearby can’t match these flavors


By Diane Adam January 17, 2017 No Comments on Restaurants nearby can’t match these flavors

Restaurants nearby will be in awe of this new Centerpiece Menu



Handcrafted in Colorado these sauces are full of flavor!

Executive Chef Richard Glover is making a big impact on flavor with Fooducopia’s Centerpiece Menu for the month of February. Restaurants nearby won’t have a chance keeping up with this menu when it comes to flavor.

To accomplish this organic restaurant Fooducopia, showcases the tastes of Colorado’s very own Paul DiBello, founder and owner of Captain Spongefoot Trading Company. DiBello’s award-winning sauces, handcrafted right here in the Rocky Mountains, are the best of the best!

DiBello’s sauces, such as the Chipotle Sauce, a perfect blend of chipotle peppers and chili de Arbol in a cayenne base, offers more flavors than you can imagine.  And Chef Richard has put together a four course menu that welcomes DiBello’s bold, sweet, spicy and tangy sauces.

Flavor comes first

“Our sauces excite the palate: they don’t burn it,” says DiBello. “We don’t play the hot, hotter, hottest game. We’re about flavor, flavor, flavor!” Located in Colorado’s beautiful Granby, DiBello, is a master of sauces filled with heat and above all flavor.


The Chronicles of Captain Spongefoot

DiBello is known by many as none other than the one-and-only Captain Spongefoot.

After suffering from severe frostbite on an ice climbing expedition in 1974, Paul’s two feet and two fingers were amputated. Early prosthetic feet were made out of a spongy material that make a squishing sound when wet. So, when his feet were constantly water-soaked while working around boats at his sailing business on Lake Granby, Paul was given the nickname “Captain Spongefoot.”

Produced from fresh, natural ingredients including carefully selected peppers and exotic spices DiBello’s sauces never include powdered pepper concentrates, artificial flavors, or colors.


In fact, Chef Richard’s Centerpiece Menu is a step away from restaurants nearby that offer the same dinner menu month to month.

“This menu celebrates foods with unique flavor combinations,” said Chef Richard.  “This is not a menu filled with just hot flavors,” Chef Richard explains. “There are sweet and tangy and other flavors for everyone to enjoy!”

Always thoughtful in all aspects of the menu development, Chef Richard said this month is a winning combination. “There is something exciting about pushing boundaries and finding new ways to entice the diners with flavors,” he said.

About Centerpiece Menu

Centerpiece Menu is a four course dinner menu that showcases an entire menu based on one of Colorado’s small local food entrepreneurs. 

Priced at $69 per couple or $39 per person, Fooducopia’s  Centerpiece Menu is most noteworthy for its efforts to showcase a sustainably-focused four course dinner menu that is different from nearby restaurants.

“We want diners to experience good honest food for each and every meal,” said Tim Lymberopoulos, owner of Fooducopia. “Each month we seek out organic farmers and food artisans that share our mission.” 

So be sure to reserve your spot now to enjoy a four course meal filled with guaranteed flavor.

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