GMO apples promote unhealthy perception for kids


By Diane Adam February 17, 2017 No Comments on GMO apples promote unhealthy perception for kids

GMO apples take a bite out of perfection



The GMO community is now taking a bite out of perfection. GMO apples, which are being touted as having the ability to dismantle the browning in apples, will soon hit supermarkets this month in the Midwest. But to me I see a dangerous path that we are walking down. Not from my viewpoint, but my kids.

Every day I pack my kids lunch with a few varieties of fruits and vegetables. A few sliced apples, with the skin on of course, is one of them. When they were young, I would tell them that with all its beauty the browning of the apple is not a flaw, but rather a way of life for these apple slices. So in a sense the apples’ imperfections are what makes it remain perfect.

So what do my kids do? They eat them. Accepting them with their browning and all because that is the way the apple is. End of story. That is until now. I was saddened to hear the news that GMO apples will eliminate the browning. The report here explains their reasoning and convincing. But to this mother of three. I am not buying it.

Through the eyes of the child we are now telling them to consume something that looks prettier, more attractive. Why? So they can judge their apples on appearance only—when in fact the GMO apples has less than the apple that browns. Because you see, in order for the apple not to brown you must omit something from the seed that planted it.

The often touted slogan: “image is everything” is voraciously trying to be dismantled by the weary parents who battle this misconception on a daily basis. Teaching your kids to look from the heart is essential. So why would we trick our kids into taking a bite out of a shiny GMO apple upon the wish that it will grant a false perfection?


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