Farm table restaurants Denver promote real food


By Diane Adam April 2, 2017 No Comments on Farm table restaurants Denver promote real food


Farm table restaurants Denver promote real food fight


Farm table restaurants Denver and throughout Colorado are ready to put up a fight for real food. In fact, there are some heavy hitters in the ring. Last week billionaire Kimbal Musk penned an essay about the changing landscape of  America’s farmlands.

Musk is the co-founder of The Kitchen, which started in Boulder and is on a mission to put real food on everyone’s plate. Sounds familiar, huh? Real food is fighting its way to the top.

So where is this demand stemming from? Here at farm to table restaurant Fooducopia we think it is coming from you the diner.

“Diners want good honest food and that starts with real food,” said Tim Lymberopoulos owner of Fooducopia.”People are now more interested in where their food is coming from. Is it local? Is it organic? These are valid questions that merit a trend toward real food.”

Another trend that is propelling real food into the ring is the downward spiral of food and chemicals. This toxic relationship forces the American people to put down their fork and demand healthy choices. “People don’t want to eat toxic food,” said Lymberopoulos.

In an earlier blog posted here, a new report debunked the myth that Monsanto and other companies continue to propagate—the need for pesticides to feed the world.

People want food void of any chemicals, additives and artificial preservatives. Or simply put, they want real food.

Another pioneer pushing for a better food system is Sara Brito. Co-founder of the Good Food 100 Restaurants, Brito is a longtime Coloradan and food industry veteran that wants to build a better food system.

Three times a day Americans choose what to put on their plate. Isn’t it nice to know that a fight for real food on your plate is taking place?




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