This spinach salad power will amaze you!


By Diane Adam April 9, 2017 No Comments on This spinach salad power will amaze you!

Spinach and the power behind it


Last week was National Spinach Day. I’ll be honest, it was just another ordinary day around here.  But after reading the latest news about spinach, I want to celebrate. A group of bioengineers from a multidisciplinary research team experimented with using spinach leaves to grow healthy heart tissue. And the result will blow you away.

To us ordinary folks, spinach is mostly consumed as a salad, in a smoothie or in your favorite breakfast omelette. The idea of creating new tissue is just the tip of the iceberg on how this leafy green vegetable does the body good.

In fact, did you know, research suggest spinach can help make your workouts even more productive. That’s right. The study suggests these leafy greens make your muscles even more efficient. Popeye was right when he sang: “I fights to the finish… ’cause I eats me spinach”

So if your dreading the gym today, give yourself an extra boost and stop in to farm to table restaurant Fooducopia and enjoy our spinach and berry salad. Nothing wrong with making your workout easier, right?


Spinach & Berry Salad

organic spinach & strawberries,

mini moos feta & walnuts served with a balsamic vinaigrette




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