What Alice Waters’ tweet teaches us


By Diane Adam June 23, 2017 No Comments on What Alice Waters’ tweet teaches us

Alice Waters wants Amazon to “do the right thing”




I like Alice Waters. And this past week I like her even more.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with her, Waters is the pioneer of slow food and all things organic. A giant force in the food revolution starting back in the 1960s, Waters holds food in high esteem. In fact, her famed Chez Panisse restaurant is an icon throughout the world for sustainable, locally sourced and organic food. So she offered her two cents as to the recent news about Amazon and Whole Foods. She tweeted an open letter to Amazon’s CEO Jeff Bezos—and it all centered around food—and it was by far more powerful than two cents. 

Since the announcement of Amazon’s intent to acquire Whole Foods for $13.7 billion, the Internet has gone into overdrive with countless theories for the motive of  Bezos to take the helm. Will we ever know the motive? In time, but I am no expert to speculate.

But there is one person that did weigh in this ginormous purchase and I think she is a heavyweight when it comes to the matter of food—or should I say good honest food.

Waters understands from start to finish how this could help or harm the food industry. She is making it clear that a deal this big needs to take into consideration the farmers, the land, and our natural resources. Or as she puts it “it’s time to do the right thing for our country, our farmers, and our planet.”

The landscape of America’s food is changing. And with this recent Amazon acquisition, many industry insiders believe it is going to change even more. Waters wants Bezos to steer the ship of America’s food in a clear direction. Or rather in the right direction.

Many are skeptical and see this as nothing but a ginormous corporate takeover taking a bite into the food industry. Industry insiders are fearful and dreading what will happen not so much to food but rather the other green stuff—the mighty dollar. 

But that brings me back to Alice Waters who reminds us of the other larger green commodity that is at stake—our food system which is far greener in wealth.

“With hopefulness” Waters ended the tweet—signaling a chance the right thing will be done.

Shouldn’t that be what we are all fighting for?


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