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Labor Day Weekend with us at Fooducopia!




Seems like summer is staying put for the Labor Day weekend. The long weekend is shaping up to be full of sunshine and high temps so you won’t have much of an excuse to not get out and enjoy the weather.  Usually when it comes to dinner spots in Denver for the long weekend, there is an inkling to “go big” or “go home.” As if we have to cram in the last hurrah of the summer with a gluttonous sense.

But the long weekend can be done differently. I think sometimes when there is a long weekend it’s a great way to satisfy your organic cravings. A chance to linger and savor what is healthy. In other words to embrace the time that has no sense of urgency.

Chicken confit, mashed potatoes, wilted greens & chicken demi


Executive Chef Richard Glover’s menu at Fooducopia is one of the best dinner spots in Denver that can satisfy your organic cravings. And when it comes to dinner, there are timeless elements to his Small Plates Menu. Intended to delight all the senses, Fooducopia’s menus are carefully crafted from organic and local farm and artisan food producers. In other words there is no “go big” contenders other than the out-of-this-world dining experience.

So enjoy the long Labor Day Weekend, and be sure to linger—and enjoy good honest food at Fooducopia this weekend! To make a reservation click here.




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