Chef Richard’s Weekend Must Haves!

Finding healthy food places in Denver: start at Fooducopia






I can’t tell you how excited I am for the weekend. It’s not so much that there is a list of fun activities, but rather the weekend is wide open.  I just want to unwind. Anyone else have that on their agenda?

And a great way to kick off the weekend is enjoying foods that we love. Mine of course is hummus and a chilled bottle of beer.

Did you know that hummus is one of the world’s most beloved foods? That is everywhere except for Kentucky, where they would rather eat their pita plain. What? I know, crazy right?

I guess it’s a good thing to know that here in Colorado we are all about healthy and detest Flaming Hot Cheetos.

Of all the great food options in the Mile High city, finding healthy food places in Denver to start your weekend begins at Fooducopia.

Fooducopia located at Race and Kentucky Avenue in Wash Park is a great farm-to-fork restaurant in Denver that marches to the beat of  Executive Chef Richard Glover.



And might I add, that Chef Richard’s trio of Spanish marinated olives with hummus & pita is out-of-this world.  So, go ahead, make a reservation—it’s a great way to start the weekend.


And yes the beer is chilled and ready.





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