Chef Richard makes it easy with his Small Plates Menu!

Watermelon salad with pistachios, feta, balsamic reduction & fresh mint

Celebrate the flavors of Chef Richard’s Small Plates Menu


At Fooducopia, we hope you’ll join us as we celebrate the weekend! Executive Chef Richard Glover’s Small Plates Menu for dinner is a great way to enjoy not one, but two or even three different dishes. Meant to be shared, Chef Richard’s deliciously creative dishes celebrate the flavors of local and organic ingredients. Passionate about farm to table ingredients, Chef Richard effortlessly crafts good honest food into each Small Plate. And if you can’t decide which dish to choose, there is nothing to shy from and order one…two or three! So make a reservation gather up the gang and start sharing!

Grilled octopus marinated in papaya served with a mojo rojo



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