Chef Richard’s Chocolate Menu Will Make Your Weekend Amazing 💕

Enjoy Chef Richard’s chocolate-themed menu this weekend!




Valentine’s Day has come and gone.  Looking for restaurants near Wash Park to celebrate your sweetheart this weekend? You’re in luck. Wash Park’s hidden gem, Fooducopia Restaurant, is feeling the love this weekend with its entire chocolate-themed menu.

But wait keep reading. This is not about a sugar fueled-menu. This is incorporating a three-course menu into a dining experience that will leave you and your date impressed. For starters you will be tempted with the choice of a spicy tomato and chocolate soup. Moving on, there is the cocoa roasted butternut squash and chocolate risotto and wild mushrooms. And last but not least is the dessert course. Might I suggest the peanut butter and chocolate bread pudding? It is heavenly.

Make a reservation here. Think of it, as a way to treat yourself and whoever else loves good honest food.




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