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Denver Restaurants Wash Park Fooducopia is a great place to savor the work week


It’s that time of the day on Sunday when most of us start looking at our weekday circumstances. Will it be a fun-filled week or will it be a crazy week spent filled with back to back meetings? Regardless of the reward or loss of the week, moments must be taken into account.

Finding the time to savor is harder and harder to achieve these days. Distractions from all sorts of outlets continue to present themselves front and center.

A few weeks ago, my son shared with me he was taking a break from his video games. As he unfolded his reasonings I felt ashamed. By no means not about him. Gosh I was celebrating with a room full of pride. But rather I felt like I had let him down. When was the last time I did a check on my day-to-day circumstances and how they play out.

I quickly realized I was cutting too many corners. Less and less parts of the day to savor. And the most noticeable place was the dinner table. Dinner became less meaningful. I believe food is the centerpiece—but the art of conversation is what enhances the beauty of the table.

I applauded him for taking the first step—to step away. An act to recharge, reset and renew his mind. As for me, I did something else to step away. I got out our fancy tablecloth for dinner last Sunday and made sure to not skimp on dinner plans.

One of my favorite quotes about food is from Kafka: “So long as you have food in your mouth you have solved all questions for the time being.”

As we gear up for the week ahead of us, let’s remember to find time to savor.

During the week if you need a restaurant in Denver to recharge and refuel, be sure to visit us for breakfast, lunch or dinner this week at Denver Restaurants Wash Park Fooducopia—where good honest food meets at the corner of Race and Kentucky Avenue.

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