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Life lessons through the lens


Spring break is always an adventure and this year was no different. We recently took a trip down south to the state of Texas. My oldest brother and his family live there. It’s always a fun time eating, laughing and just making memorable memories. But what happened with the car rental almost took the trip out of focus.

Upon our smooth landing, we were met with turbulence. I knew there was trouble when theΒ  shuttle bus didn’t even feature our rental car company’s logo.

“No ma’am, we don’t offer a ride to that lot,” the bus driver said.

Finally after some serious pleading we convinced a taxi cab to drive us to our rental car. Hot, tired and bewildered to say the least, we loaded up.

The taxi driver sped through the cars on the road and arrived at the GPS-led destination only to find out it was not the right location. The driver took our bags out of the trunk.

“You can’t leave us here?” we demanded.

Luckily we persisted and he re-packed the trunk.

At one point I realized in the distance the airport was becoming smaller and smaller. All that came to mind was that infamous Texas saying: “the worst thing you can be is a damn fool.” And boy did we fit the bill.

We finally reached our rental car location at a hefty price of $60. The place was desolate. No large sign to greet us, but rather weeds choking the sidewalk.

But there is an upside to all this.Β  We pushed the door open and were greeted by wisdom. Not so much by the rather sheepish staff, but rather what was printed behind them. Standing largely behind the counter on a huge white board was this wonderful image of a camera with words. I have no doubt many people enter disgruntled, to say the least, but these words reminded me that I have a choice of how I was going to exit. Simply put, I re-focused.

My frustrations were not going to dictate the outcome.Β  Happily we got the rental car and were merrily on our way laughing that we already had an adventure in the first 30 minutes of our arrival to the Lone Star State.

Sometimes the day require’s us to look at life through a different lens, or as this car rental company’s daily message reminds us: “just take another shot!”

So whatever life moments are showing you, I hope you can find the right angle.

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