The Denver Wash Park community

Denver Wash Park community
Fooducopia Little Farmers listen to Tim Lymberopoulos talk about growing food. File photo.

A few years ago Tim Lymberopoulos had an idea. Let’s get neighborhood kids from the Denver Wash Park community to come to Fooducopia to learn about food. The idea blossomed into Fooducopia Little Farmers. The weekly gathering offered the kids the opportunity to plant seeds, grow and learn about the power of food. But something else grew—friendships grew.

“I’m so thankful we were able to do Little Farmers,” recalled Tim. “I got to meet so many neighbors. The Denver Wash Park community is simply the best. It has and continues to be so generous with its support of Fooducopia.”

The world at the moment looks different now, but Tim, Chef Richard Glover and the entire team wants Fooducopia to be a beacon of light.  The restaurant is now offering take out and delivery to continue to provide good honest food.

“Everyone craves food, but there is also a deep hunger for community,” said Tim. “Over the last week, each time the phone rings at the restaurant callers have been so positive.  It reminds Chef Richard and the entire staff that we are in this fight together—as a community.”

Famed American poet Gwendolyn Brooks got it right when she penned:

We are each other’s harvest:

we are each other’s business:

we are each other’s magnitude and bond.


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