Hope in the everyday

What beauty did you find today?

Today is different from any other of my Wednesday walks. And I am sure that is how it is for you as well. There is distance between people. And this is unnatural.

My daily walks always start southbound. I like to follow a routine. Today, as I walked down my street, I smiled at anyone who approached my path. I practiced social distancing, but I also practiced common courtesy—a wave hello to anyone. A chance to spread kindness.

A few blocks into my walk I saw something up ahead on the sidewalk. As I got closer I was met with a piece of art. Yep, right there on the sidewalk was a burst of bright yellows, reds and deep blues.

My daughter’s classmate created the above masterpiece. Using only sidewalk chalk, it stopped me dead in my tracks. I smiled and quickly took out my camera to share with you.

This burst of color unhinged me from negative emotions. It reminded me that the slightest crack of light could pierce the darkness of worry, fear and anxiety.  For me it was cracks of yellow, red and blue. One of my favorite artists, Wassily Kandinsky, famously said, “color transmits and translates emotion.”

I wanted to share the picture with you for one simple reason— to encourage you to stay positive even though our negative emotions are running wild. Take hold of those emotions and remember that there is hope in the everyday. For me it was painted on the sidewalk. How about you? What beauty did you find today?

Stay positive Fooducopia Fans!







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