Chef Richard’s Weekend Must Haves!


By Diane Adam September 15, 2017 No Comments on Chef Richard’s Weekend Must Haves!

Finding healthy food places in Denver: start at Fooducopia






I can’t tell you how excited I am for the weekend. It’s not so much that there is a list of fun activities, but rather the weekend is wide open.  I just want to unwind. Anyone else have that on their agenda?

And a great way to kick off the weekend is enjoying foods that we love. Mine of course is hummus and a chilled bottle of beer.

Did you know that hummus is one of the world’s most beloved foods? That is everywhere except for Kentucky, where they would rather eat their pita plain. What? I know, crazy right?

I guess it’s a good thing to know that here in Colorado we are all about healthy and detest Flaming Hot Cheetos.

Of all the great food options in the Mile High city, finding healthy food places in Denver to start your weekend begins at Fooducopia.

Fooducopia located at Race and Kentucky Avenue in Wash Park is a great farm-to-fork restaurant in Denver that marches to the beat of  Executive Chef Richard Glover.



And might I add, that Chef Richard’s trio of Spanish marinated olives with hummus & pita is out-of-this world.  So, go ahead, make a reservation—it’s a great way to start the weekend.


And yes the beer is chilled and ready.





Chef Richard makes it easy with his Small Plates Menu!


By Diane Adam September 8, 2017 No Comments on Chef Richard makes it easy with his Small Plates Menu!


Watermelon salad with pistachios, feta, balsamic reduction & fresh mint

Celebrate the flavors of Chef Richard’s Small Plates Menu


At Fooducopia, we hope you’ll join us as we celebrate the weekend! Executive Chef Richard Glover’s Small Plates Menu for dinner is a great way to enjoy not one, but two or even three different dishes. Meant to be shared, Chef Richard’s deliciously creative dishes celebrate the flavors of local and organic ingredients. Passionate about farm to table ingredients, Chef Richard effortlessly crafts good honest food into each Small Plate. And if you can’t decide which dish to choose, there is nothing to shy from and order one…two or three! So make a reservation gather up the gang and start sharing!


Grilled octopus marinated in papaya served with a mojo rojo



Satisfy your organic craving with Chef Richard’s menu!


By Diane Adam September 1, 2017 No Comments on Satisfy your organic craving with Chef Richard’s menu!

Labor Day Weekend with us at Fooducopia!




Seems like summer is staying put for the Labor Day weekend. The long weekend is shaping up to be full of sunshine and high temps so you won’t have much of an excuse to not get out and enjoy the weather.  Usually when it comes to dinner spots in Denver for the long weekend, there is an inkling to “go big” or “go home.” As if we have to cram in the last hurrah of the summer with a gluttonous sense.

But the long weekend can be done differently. I think sometimes when there is a long weekend it’s a great way to satisfy your organic cravings. A chance to linger and savor what is healthy. In other words to embrace the time that has no sense of urgency.


Chicken confit, mashed potatoes, wilted greens & chicken demi


Executive Chef Richard Glover’s menu at Fooducopia is one of the best dinner spots in Denver that can satisfy your organic cravings. And when it comes to dinner, there are timeless elements to his Small Plates Menu. Intended to delight all the senses, Fooducopia’s menus are carefully crafted from organic and local farm and artisan food producers. In other words there is no “go big” contenders other than the out-of-this-world dining experience.

So enjoy the long Labor Day Weekend, and be sure to linger—and enjoy good honest food at Fooducopia this weekend! To make a reservation click here.




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Chill out, have fun & eat well this weekend!


By Diane Adam August 4, 2017 No Comments on Chill out, have fun & eat well this weekend!


The weekend is here and that means it’s time to chill out, have fun and eat well! On Saturdays and Sundays, the stress levels are lowered. But what also happens is our expectations seem to lower themselves too. Which is not always a good thing— especially when it comes to eating. Lurking around on the weekend is the temptation to not eat healthy.

But that does not have to be the case. In fact, finding fun organic food in Denver is easy. Thanks to the booming restaurant scene, Denver is a growing food destination.

So might I suggest a weekend that includes organic food in Denver?

Great. If chill is the vibe you are looking for then grab that book that you have been meaning to finish. I know I have a stack too. Just pick the one from the top.

The next route is your decision. Do you first head over to Wash Park to absorb its beauty or do you fuel up at the corner of Race and Kentucky Avenue for healthly food at Fooducopia? Either way both are a win-win!

Decisions. Decisions. Hmm?

Flip a coin. It’s easy, cheap, and will get you where you want to go!


Garden Benedict: mixed organic veggies with hollandaise is a customer favorite for healthy eating!


Fooducopia’s peel & eat shrimp with local elk sausage is creative, local and a perfect blend of mouthwatering flavors.


Here at Fooducopia good honest food is our passion. Executive Chef Richard Glover and the entire team will make  your weekend complete with food that is the best organic food in Denver. To make a weekend dinner reservation click here!

Happy Weekend!


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Food transparency begins with THIS


By Diane Adam July 23, 2017 No Comments on Food transparency begins with THIS

Food transparency and honesty is good for all 



My 13-year-old son is learning the art of communication. If anyone else has a teen they can relate. Last week, he made plans with his best friend via text that I would drive them both to his water polo game.

The night before the game, my husband and I realized those plans wouldn’t work. So we told our son to communicate that to his friend. Before I went to bed, I checked to make sure he communicated this to his friend. My son said “yes.”

Fast forward to a rushed morning and a text from the mom’s friend reads: “you are still picking him up for water polo, right?”

I’ll admit my first reaction was that of frustration. So I went and inquired. My son started to communicate. The frustration in me increased. I then felt let down. But most of all, I knew what I had to do.

I sent the mom a text that read: “I am sorry for the mass miscommunication…”  Then, I took a deep breath and knew the next step. To introduce my son to the importance of the art of communication—especially when it came to being honest.

From his perspective he didn’t think much of it. But when we widened the lens, things began to appear differently.

And so I started to wonder, aren’t we all trying our best to master the art of communication? Especially when it comes to being honest?



Earlier this year, my boss, Tim Lymberopoulos, filled out a detailed survey regarding Fooducopia and food transparency. The Good Food 100 survey is a way to empower eaters—all while restaurants fine tune their art of communication—or simply, “walk the talk.”

It surveys how chefs and restaurants are building a better food system and supporting local, regional and national good food economies. Diners can see for themselves how the restaurants rate.

I applaud founders Sara Brito and Jeff Hermanson for offering a way for diners to be exposed to the food transparency process. It’s a great start to this art of communication—food transparency.

And it requires, above all, honesty. Or as the Good Food 100 website states, this is “a badge of honor for not just how good their food tastes, but how good it is for every link of the food chain.” In fact, according to a recent study, consumers are learning to communicate this.

Tim texted me when he finished the survey. I could tell by the text he was glad it was finished. But deep down, I knew he was far more happy to reveal the passion that he and Executive Chef Richard Glover and the entire staff are committed to—good honest food.

In fact, Fooducopia is now proud to be part of the Good Food 100 restaurants list— in the highest rankings category with six links. When it comes to food transparency, this is good news for everyone.

My son now jokes about his “communication.” We laugh at the jabs we give each other, but deep down I feel a sense of relief knowing he understands that being honest is good for all.

And for my boss, and the entire team at Fooducopia, we understand that too.


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