Little Farmers Summer Program Sign UP!


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Little Farmers Summer Program at Fooducopia




Wash Park Denver brunch and hoppenings


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Wash Park Denver brunch and egg hunt family fun


Wash Park Denver brunch and egg hunt!

Wash Park Easter

Wash Park will be hopping this weekend with a fun Easter event that will put a spring in everyone’s step. Join the Easter bunny for photos, crafts, and an egg hunt at the Washington Park Recreation Center, 701 S Franklin St, Denver, CO. The event will take place from noon to 1 pm. Kids ages 1-12 can participate. The cost is $5 per participant. The forecast calls for sunny skies so this is a great opportunity to gather in Wash Park for some good family fun. Register here.

Looking for Wash Park Denver brunch spots this weekend? Farm to table restaurant Fooducopia, located at the corner of Race and Kentucky Avenue, is a hop, skip and a jump away.  “Washington Park is literally only a few blocks away,” said Tim Lymberopoulos owner of Fooducopia.  “It’s always great to see families stop in and dine with us before or after they head over to the park.”

brunchEaster Brunch

This year, why not make Easter brunch a fun outing? Fooducopia, voted best brunch Denver, is a great way to brunch without all the work. Our brunch menu features a variety of healthy, organic options that even the most picky eaters will be satisfied. 

So if you are looking for a fun event on Saturday head over to Wash Park and be sure to join us at Fooducopia for brunch this weekend. A great way to make your weekend family time complete!

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This spinach salad power will amaze you!


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Spinach and the power behind it


Last week was National Spinach Day. I’ll be honest, it was just another ordinary day around here.  But after reading the latest news about spinach, I want to celebrate. A group of bioengineers from a multidisciplinary research team experimented with using spinach leaves to grow healthy heart tissue. And the result will blow you away.

To us ordinary folks, spinach is mostly consumed as a salad, in a smoothie or in your favorite breakfast omelette. The idea of creating new tissue is just the tip of the iceberg on how this leafy green vegetable does the body good.

In fact, did you know, research suggest spinach can help make your workouts even more productive. That’s right. The study suggests these leafy greens make your muscles even more efficient. Popeye was right when he sang: “I fights to the finish… ’cause I eats me spinach”

So if your dreading the gym today, give yourself an extra boost and stop in to farm to table restaurant Fooducopia and enjoy our spinach and berry salad. Nothing wrong with making your workout easier, right?


Spinach & Berry Salad

organic spinach & strawberries,

mini moos feta & walnuts served with a balsamic vinaigrette




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Wash Park restaurants boast urban park access


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Wash Park restaurants like Fooducopia are great starting points

Wash Park restaurant Fooducopia

Wash Park restaurants in Denver boasts endless walking options before or after a great meal.


Wash Park restaurants in Denver like farm to table restaurant Fooducopia know how good they got it. The view of the Rocky Mountains and an urban park covering 165 acres as their backyard. In fact, many people who dine at Fooducopia head straight for a walk around the beloved park. Why not? It’s too close not too.

“Wash Park is a gift from nature,” said Tim Lymberopoulos, owner of Fooducopia who often sees diners enjoy the walk to the park from the restaurant. “The beauty of it is that Fooducopia is three blocks from this wonderful huge urban park. It can’t get any better than that.”

Yep, Washington Park, or commonly known as Wash Park is the best of both worlds—when it comes to nature.

The mountains off in the distance and over a hundred acres of footbed for walking. So in honor of national walking day we put together some fun facts about Wash Park.

Did you know the Washington Park Loop is a 2.2-mile loop? This popular route for walkers and cyclists who use the park is now set to get a facelift.

The park boasts a famous statue of Wynken, Blynken, and Nod in Washington Park. The statue is in honor of American writer and poet Eugene Field known by many as the childhood poet. Be sure to check it out on your next walk.

Look up in the trees. Be on the lookout for this bird in Wash Park! America’s emblem of freedom is known to find its way to Wash Park. A few years, ago, visitors to Wash Park were treated with a bald eagle sighting.

The sun is out so why not celebrate national walking day with a trip around Wash Park followed by a menu of good honest food at Fooducopia? The day can’t get much better than that!


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Farm table restaurants Denver promote real food


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Farm table restaurants Denver promote real food fight


Farm table restaurants Denver and throughout Colorado are ready to put up a fight for real food. In fact, there are some heavy hitters in the ring. Last week billionaire Kimbal Musk penned an essay about the changing landscape of  America’s farmlands.

Musk is the co-founder of The Kitchen, which started in Boulder and is on a mission to put real food on everyone’s plate. Sounds familiar, huh? Real food is fighting its way to the top.

So where is this demand stemming from? Here at farm to table restaurant Fooducopia we think it is coming from you the diner.

“Diners want good honest food and that starts with real food,” said Tim Lymberopoulos owner of Fooducopia.”People are now more interested in where their food is coming from. Is it local? Is it organic? These are valid questions that merit a trend toward real food.”

Another trend that is propelling real food into the ring is the downward spiral of food and chemicals. This toxic relationship forces the American people to put down their fork and demand healthy choices. “People don’t want to eat toxic food,” said Lymberopoulos.

In an earlier blog posted here, a new report debunked the myth that Monsanto and other companies continue to propagate—the need for pesticides to feed the world.

People want food void of any chemicals, additives and artificial preservatives. Or simply put, they want real food.

Another pioneer pushing for a better food system is Sara Brito. Co-founder of the Good Food 100 Restaurants, Brito is a longtime Coloradan and food industry veteran that wants to build a better food system.

Three times a day Americans choose what to put on their plate. Isn’t it nice to know that a fight for real food on your plate is taking place?



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