Small plates have arrived at Fooducopia!


By Diane Adam June 6, 2017 No Comments on Small plates have arrived at Fooducopia!

Fooducopia’s small plates are a huge hit!


One of the best things about summer is that dinner comes in all shapes and sizes. Here at organic restaurant Fooducopia, Executive Chef Richard Glover’s new small plates dinner menu is bold, creative, and hugely popular.

Unveiled earlier this month, the new dinner menu features a variety of veggie, meat and seafood small plates to choose from. Guests will find the prices ranging from $4 – $15 a wonderful way to mix and match all while sharing your small plates.

Wash Park’s Fooducopia works with small artisan producers and local farmers to give diners only the best local and organic ingredients!

“Fooducopia’s new small plates menu is a way to share and reconnect with those who matter most—friends and family—all while enjoying good honest food!” said Tim Lymberopoulos, owner.

Chef Richard has expertly chosen the finest selection for this new dinner menu. The wildly popular peel & eat shrimp with local elk sausage is already a customer favorite.

For those diners who prefer the traditional entree for dinner. We have a you covered as well with a wide selection of plates such as the wild halibut with a garlic cream caper sauce, rice & seasonal veggies or the smoked gouda burger with caramelized onions served with duck fat potatoes.

Summer sharing is here! So be sure to make your reservation for dinner here!


Why mom deserves THIS!


By Diane Adam May 12, 2017 No Comments on Why mom deserves THIS!

Mother’s Day Brunch and beyond at Fooducopia



Mother’s Day brunch at Fooducopia is a great way to start the day with good honest food—that she hasn’t cooked of course.

Fooducopia, which prides itself on local ingredients and organic produce, hopes that you enjoy spending time with mom talking, laughing and enjoying good honest food. I mean, how many times has she prepared a delicious healthy meal for you? So why not return the favor.

This Sunday, Fooducopia will open its doors to welcome moms on Mother’s Day with our best brunch in Denver. We are also excited to announce that we are now taking reservations for dinner on Mother’s Day.

So what are you waiting for? Make your Mother’s Day reservations and make mom proud and take her to dinner. At Fooducopia of course!



This menu could save the planet!


By Diane Adam April 26, 2017 No Comments on This menu could save the planet!

A menu unlike any other Denver restaurants—this could save the world!


Hazel Dell Mushrooms are showcased in the April-May Centerpiece Menu


I am a big fan of TED talks. A few years ago a friend of mine got me hooked. So, this week I found one that opened my eyes toward mushrooms! The title in fact is what drew me in: “6 ways mushrooms can save the world.” The TED talk is from mycologist Paul Stamets, who lists six ways mycelium fungus can help save the universe. I am no mushroom expert, but Paul Stamets is. And if you watch this TED  talk you will see why.

I won’t go into the reasons why this is fascinating. Just trust me on this.

Denver restaurants don’t often boast that their menu could save the planet. Sounds silly, right? But perhaps this menu might! After watching this you will want to run and celebrate mushrooms.

Fooducopia showcases Hazel Dell Mushrooms


Executive Chef Richard Glover has done just that. Here at farm to table restaurant, Fooducopia, he has put together an entire four course menu centered around wild, organic mushrooms. The power of the universe may not be upon us but if you want to enjoy an entire meal that consists of good honest food then this is where you want to be.

So go ahead, make reservations to enjoy our four course Centerpiece Menu showcasing Hazel Dell Mushrooms located in Ft. Collins, CO.

Who knows you might walk out with a cape around your neck ready to save the planet!






Little Farmers Summer Program Sign UP!


By Diane Adam April 17, 2017 No Comments on Little Farmers Summer Program Sign UP!

Little Farmers Summer Program at Fooducopia




Wash Park Denver brunch and hoppenings


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Wash Park Denver brunch and egg hunt family fun


Wash Park Denver brunch and egg hunt!

Wash Park Easter

Wash Park will be hopping this weekend with a fun Easter event that will put a spring in everyone’s step. Join the Easter bunny for photos, crafts, and an egg hunt at the Washington Park Recreation Center, 701 S Franklin St, Denver, CO. The event will take place from noon to 1 pm. Kids ages 1-12 can participate. The cost is $5 per participant. The forecast calls for sunny skies so this is a great opportunity to gather in Wash Park for some good family fun. Register here.

Looking for Wash Park Denver brunch spots this weekend? Farm to table restaurant Fooducopia, located at the corner of Race and Kentucky Avenue, is a hop, skip and a jump away.  “Washington Park is literally only a few blocks away,” said Tim Lymberopoulos owner of Fooducopia.  “It’s always great to see families stop in and dine with us before or after they head over to the park.”

brunchEaster Brunch

This year, why not make Easter brunch a fun outing? Fooducopia, voted best brunch Denver, is a great way to brunch without all the work. Our brunch menu features a variety of healthy, organic options that even the most picky eaters will be satisfied. 

So if you are looking for a fun event on Saturday head over to Wash Park and be sure to join us at Fooducopia for brunch this weekend. A great way to make your weekend family time complete!

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