You Say Taffy, I say Toffee: The History of America’s Favorite Holiday Treat

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pecan alpine toffeeShrouded in lore and the source of much light-hearted debated, the origin of toffee is a trifle unclear—likely due to the fact that the basic recipe changed often throughout history. Cultural preferences also draw a line in the sand, as Americans tend to think of toffee as a buttery, crispy slab of candy adorned with chocolate and nuts, while the Brits prefer a chewier version of the same treat. This chewiness has sparked much banter among avid toffee lovers, since chewy versions are “pulled” during the making, giving the candy a taffy-like consistency and underscoring the reasoning behind it being called taffy.

We’re not talking salt-water taffy here though, “English” toffee—which is sometimes referred to as taffy—boasts the same rich ingredients as the toffee we, in America, know and love. It just doesn’t have that snap we have come to cherish…and savor!

Those on the toffee side of the argument get bragging rights though because, according to the Oxford English Dictionary, hard toffee was first on the scene, dating back to 1817, while soft and chewy versions didn’t make their appearance until the late 1870’s. Read More →

Holiday Drink Recipes: The Irish Nightcap

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Hot drinkBorne of Ireland and its blustery winter nights, the Irish Nightcap is made to warm you from the inside out. Rich and creamy with hints of coffee and anise, this indulgent treat is the perfect Christmas Eve drink. For a new twist on the traditional recipe try using 1/3 of a cup Frank’s Whiskey Caramel sauce in lieu of sweetened condensed milk! Read More →

Holiday Gifts for Everyone on Your List!

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Holiday GiftsMade a list? Checked it twice? Still looking for the perfect holiday gift for that special someone? The good news is at the Corner Store in Denver, we have some great holiday gifts for everyone on your list! We even have gifts available through our online store if you’re looking to send a gift to an out-of-state loved one! Read More →

The Trick to Cooking with Bacon Without Using Bacon: Alderwood Finishing Salts

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Abbot OrganicsThis year, give the gift of cooking with bacon WITHOUT USING BACON.  I know, I know, it sounds like some kind of food magic trick, but I assure you this trick is deliciously real.  Get ready to impress the cooks, foodies, and vegetarians in your life with this holiday’s little gourmet secret:  alderwood-smoked finishing salts.  Just a few grains of this amazing stuff, sprinkled in during the last few minutes of cooking, and BAM, your dish is infused with a wonderful, smoky, bacon taste.  These celtic salts are smoked over alderwood, which leaves them not only all wonderful and bacon-y, but also practically calorie-free, not to mention organic and hand-crafted in California.  Need I say more? Read More →

Baby It’s Cold Outside! Warm Up with a Chai Tea Latte

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Latte- CCCurling up near a crackling fire on a frosty winter day with a hot drink warming your hands is both a holiday pastime and, in some houses, a seasonal tradition. No ordinary drink will do though. The best ones are spiced and creamy, with the perfect hint of sweetness, and the folks at Calmer Sutra Tea have just the recipe. They’ve been perfecting their calm-inducing Fresh Chai for nearly ten years, and are certain it’s the perfect blend for holiday cheer.

Made using raw ginger, in lieu of dried ginger powder, and honey, this “wet-mix” chai balances fresh ingredients with the bold flavors of freshly ground Indian spices. Perfectly spiced in its own right, Fresh Chai is the ideal base for all your holiday drinks.Fresh Chai

For a special treat this season, skip the dried, packaged chai tea bags and order aromatic Fresh Chai tea instead. Try it out in one of these traditional drink recipes and let us know what you think!

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The Secret to Gourmet Gluten-Free Baking: Bella Gluten Free

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From flaky pie crusts and melt-in-your mouth scones to wholesome breads, baking should be about what you want to eat, not limited by what you “can” eat.  Right?  For gourmet cooks (and eaters) with a gluten intolerance or other food allergies, however, baking often becomes a challenge instead of a joy.  And a big part of that challenge is the flour.  One can start to feel like a mad scientist, dipping into all those bags of allergen-free grains, striving to create the perfect combination.

What’s the secret to gourmet gluten-free baking?  That’s easy:  it’s finding a perfectly calibrated flour that delivers great texture and great results every time.

Bella Gluten Free


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Healthy Salad Recipes: Thanksgiving Salad with Roasted Pumpkin and Pear

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If you’re looking for a tasty Thanksgiving salad that will disappear from the bowl in about ten minutes, this is the one.  Better yet, much of this healthy salad recipe can be made ahead of time.  Shake up your shallot-soy dressing early next week, and roast your pumpkins and pears on Wednesday.  Then toss up this salad in a snap on Thanksgiving!

Pumpkin Pear Salad

Thanksgiving Salad with Roasted Pumpkin, Pear, and Pine Nuts Read More →

Alpine Toffee: A Christmas (Love) Story

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christmasstoryThe best holiday candy gifts are the ones with the richest histories, steeped in generations of vivid memories brought back to life with the first bite.  Since flavors often invoke strong memories of holidays past, you might discover that any deviation from tradition can trigger pandemonium.

Or, at least you would discover this if you were part of the corporate gift-giving team from a certain Denver-based company (who shall remain nameless). For years, this company had been giving out Colorado’s own Alpine Toffee.  Then, for some reason, perhaps in the spirit of holiday experimentation, the team decided to give out peanut brittle instead one year. Read More →

Your Holiday Gift Giving Guide!

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Local Favs

Denver’s Corner Store “Local Love” Gift Box

Looking for the perfect gift to send to that special someone? Have you thought about gifting them with something representative of our beautiful home? We think there is nothing better than sharing with family and friends a little bit of what makes our beloved Colorado so great.

There are, as you know, many things that make Colorado a wonderful place to live. One of them being all the amazing local companies producing artisan foods and gourmet products for us to enjoy. Since many of the products we love are not as easy to come by for those who live out of the state, why not share them with your loved ones this holiday season? Read More →

Are You Ready for National Cake Day?

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November 26th is National Cake Day!

Triple Delight 2

Who even knew we had such a holiday?  Much more importantly, why didn’t anybody ever TELL ME about it?  There I was, a dedicated cake-lover, complete unaware, not eating cake when I clearly should have been.  All those wasted years… Read More →