Pomegranates are nature’s jewels

Pomegranates—Fall’s beauty


Pomegranates are in season! Regarded as one of the most beautiful fruits, it is unlike any other—especially when you crack it open.  The shiny red “jewels” called arils are packed with tons of antioxidants. They help the body fight inflammation.

But did you know pomegranates, which means apple with many seeds, is one of the ancient fruits that bores much myth to its name?

In ancient Greek mythology, Persephone ate four seeds of a pomegranate before leaving the underworld, and therefore she was doomed to return. This myth ties itself to the coming of spring and winter.

The pomegranate tree can live up to 200 years.  Not to mention the fruit contains so many seeds bursting with flavor and endless possibilities just like in life.

“Just imagine,” she said. “If every seed grew, there’d be no room in the world for anything but pomegranate trees.” ― David Almond, Skellig

In fact many parts of the world it is known to harbor good luck.

I’m not sure if that holds true but when it comes to eating good honest food, you can never go wrong.  So be sure to enjoy a pomegranate while they are still in season.

And as always, we look forward to seeing you at the corner of Kentucky and Race Avenue at Denver’s Wash Park restaurant. Be sure to note our new winter hours below.




Hot tea benefits on a ❄️ day!

Hot tea benefits
Hot tea benefits are numerous for your overall health.

Hot tea benefits are endless

Today is a perfect day to enjoy a cup of hot tea—and not much of anything else. The Polar Jet Stream that sent Denver into a deep freeze brings everything to a standstill. And if you have the chance to work from home then you are one of the lucky few.

So what are some things you can do to make sure you are keeping yourself healthy in this cold weather? Let’s “spill the tea” as my teenage daughter says.

There are many benefits to pouring yourself a cup of tea. If loose-leaf tea is your favorite way to enjoy your hot beverage than by many you are a tea aficionado.

In fact, across the pond, the British are quite the connoisseurs when it comes to drinking hot tea. So much so that did you know there is a whole British Tea etiquette that you must follow in order to adhere to their tea rituals?

For centuries, tea has been used to treat insomnia, anxiety and headaches. But for today you probably will benefit most from its warm comfort.

Stay warm and safe out there today Denverites and be sure to enjoy a cup (or two!) of hot tea!

And We look forward to seeing you tomorrow at Fooducopia, Wash Park’s healthy restaurant , for breakfast or lunch and tea!


🍷 A toast to Monet…enjoy 1/2 wine

Raise your glass to the beauty of Monet

The Denver Art Museum
Claude Monet, Fishing Boats, 1883. Oil on canvas; 25-3/4 x 36 -1/2 in. Frederic C. Hamilton Collection, bequeathed to the Denver Art Museum.

The Denver Art Museum recently gifted the Mile High City with an incredible exhibit. And Wash Park restaurant, Fooducopia, wants to offer you a toast.

Claude Monet: The Truth of Nature is now on display and features over 120 paintings celebrating one of the greatest French impressionist artists. But Monet, who suffered near blindness later in life, at one time thought otherwise about his art.

The Denver Art Museum
Claude Monet in his studio, 1920. Private collection/Roger-Viollet, Paris/Bridgeman Images.

“My life has been nothing but a failure, and all that’s left for me to do is to destroy my paintings before I disappear.”—Monet

Thankfully he didn’t willfully consent to self doubt.  So Fooducopia wants you to raise a glass to toast the brilliance of his art. Hence get ready to imbibe after you have indulged in Monet’s masterpieces. And be sure to show your server your Monet Exhibit ticket to enjoy the below offer.

Denver will be the sole U.S. venue for this presentation through through Feb. 2, 2020.

Pumpkin facts . . . Oh My Gourd! 🎃

Did you know? 🎃

“There are three things I’ve learned never to discuss with people: religion, politics, and the Great Pumpkin.” —Linus from Charlie Brown.

It’s the start of fall, and if you hear the word pumpkin it is usually followed by  spice latte. But before this fall drink of choice cast its spell on every coffee drinker, the word pumpkin comes with a long line of interesting facts and fables. Pumpkin facts: its roots are from the Greek word pepon—meaning large melon.

For starters, pumpkins carry a lot of weight when it comes to Vitamin A. In fact it also contains potassium. So you might consider nibbling on something with pumpkin in it over that yellow fruit that takes all the potassium credit.

Pumpkins are at their best when they are in soups, pies and breads. But did you know they were also used to remove freckles? “Oh my gourd!” I didn’t know that either.

Better yet, back in the Wild West days they cured snake bits. “Yikes!”

According to those who follow stats, the largest pumpkin ever grown was 1,140 pounds. And to top it all off, pumpkins are 90 percent water. Holy gourd that is one fact that will impress anyone this fall.

Or as Charlie Brown would say: Oh brother!


Happy fall everyone. We look forward to seeing you at Denver local and organic restaurant Fooducopia located at the corner of Kentucky Avenue and Race in Denver’s Wash Park neighborhood.

Denvers best restaurant
Wash Park restaurant Fooducopia



If your table could talk…what would it say?

Denver best healthy restaurant
Fooducopia Restaurant

Gather around healthy

“There are no strangers here; Only friends you haven’t met. —W. B. Yeats

Some of the fondest memories happen around a dinner table. To connect with each other through food and conversation is one of life’s most underrated endeavors. In fact, Fooducopia, one of Denver’s best healthy restaurants, champions the long-term benefits of shared meals.

“We believe enjoying a nice dinner is a powerful way for people to connect to people,” said owner Tim Lymberopoulos. “Gathering around a dinner table, where everyone is engaged in meaningful conversation benefits everyone.”

Executive Chef Richard Glover’s menu for dinner is the perfect way to engage in all sorts of conversation. And if your lucky he might even join you for a conversation starter. Chef Richard’s menu prompts your senses and brings delight to the company of those around you.

Executive Chef Richard Glover with dinner guests enjoying their meal.

So the real question is: if your table could talk, what would it say?

Are you the storyteller who has everyone in stitches when you tell an animated story? Perhaps you are the person who incessantly interrupts—as if you are on autopilot. Don’t worry we won’t tell. Or are you the listener who truly understands why we have two ears and one mouth.

Whoever you are, the reminder here is to make reservations at Fooducopia and gather your friends to meet at Denver’s best healthy restaurant.

So be sure to make a reservation here.

We look forward to seeing you and your table does too . . .