Good healthful food begins in Colorado! Boulder set to ban GMO crops


By Diane Adam October 16, 2016 No Comments on Good healthful food begins in Colorado! Boulder set to ban GMO crops

Good healthful food right here in Colorado; concerns in Arizona


    GMO photoGood things are starting right here in Colorado. On Oct. 14, KUNC—Community Radio for Northern Colorado ran a headline that grabbed our attention here at local and organic restaurant Fooducopia. The headline read: “In Boulder County, An Effort to Ban GMO Crops Moves Ahead.” These words, which sounded like music to my ears are a big step in the right direction for good healthful food for all.

The article which can be read here, goes on in great detail about the supports that will be initiated for farmers to transition to non GMO crops. The new plan calls for farmers who lease county land to planting non GMO corn within the next three years and crops of sugar beets within the next five years. This is a great start Colorado towards good healthful food!

Public meetings are scheduled later this month to present a draft transition for phasing out the GMO crops. Kudos to Boulder County for planting the seed that will produce good honest food!

Meanwhile, hundreds of miles away near Tucson, Arizona, residents and administrators are none to happy with the news that Pima County is discussing incentive deals with Monsanto.

According to Monsanto Corp. bought 155 acres in the Avra Valley, to build a greenhouse to grow corn and soybeans. The article said it was for research, but I am sure many other skeptics would agree with me when I say, how can this be positive? When fighting for good healthful food one can only be wondering what Monsanto has up their sleeves?

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Bloody Mary Fest – Denver: Chef Richard gets my vote!


By Diane Adam October 11, 2016 No Comments on Bloody Mary Fest – Denver: Chef Richard gets my vote!

Bloody Mary Fest Denver: Vote for Chef Richard


I don’t know when and where there is more tomato juice and pickles consumed then at a darn good Bloody Mary gathering. Luckily, Denverites will have the opportunity to attend fall’s hottest drink ticket: The Bloody Mary Fest – Denver. The fest will be held on Oct. 23. from 1pm -4 pm, at the Exdo Event Center, 1399 35th Street in Denver.

According to the organizers:  “The Bloody Mary Festival is a celebration of our beloved brunch cocktail and the largest event of its kind. Each Festival brings together the most innovative and crafty Bloody Mary mixes, curated by our team of Bloody Mary aficionados and made by local bars and restaurants.”

Fest organizers scoured the Denver area for the craftiest and most delicious Bloody Marys and you guessed it! Fooducopia is on the list of the best of the best! Honored to be selected to participate, Fooducopia is ready to showcase our much loved brunch cocktail. Passionate about good honest food, Fooducopia is an organic restaurant that features nothing but the finest—even in its most delicious Bloody Mary.

“We are thrilled to be selected to showcase our Bloody Mary,” said Tim Lymberopoulos owner of Fooducopia. “We can’t tell you the secret that makes our Bloody Mary a customer favorite but one thing we do use is organic fresh ingredients.”

At the festival, guests will be able to vote for their favorite Bloody Mary, so we hope you join us to rock the vote for Chef Richard and his Bloody Mary!

In addition to sampling Bloody Marys, attendees browse the festival tasting food, beverages and other innovative products, checking out the best food trucks, enjoying bands or DJs and watching demonstrations on how to make your own killer Bloody Mary. We hope to see you at the event!


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Places to eat in Denver: Fooducopia is a must!


By Diane Adam October 5, 2016 No Comments on Places to eat in Denver: Fooducopia is a must!

Places to eat in Denver that are ridiculously creative!




Places to eat include Fooducopia and this month’s Centerpiece Menu showcasing PRiMO preserves.

Places to eat in Denver that features organic food near me and offers ridiculously delicious flavors for fall is at Fooducopia. Chef Richard has taken this month’s flavors to a whole new level. Thanks to this month’s Centerpiece Menu partner PRiMO, diners will enjoy a menu that includes creativity in every bite.

PRiMO preserves is a local Denver indie food that just keeps getting better and better. I guess it’s true that some foods better with age. PRiMO is Denver’s signature preserves. There isn’t anyone who does it better.

October is the best time of year for walking and finding places to eat with friends. The colors of the trees that line Wash Park unveil the beauty of the fall foliage of red, yellow and burnt orange. Passionate about good honest food, Fooducopia, Denver’s organic restaurant, captures the fall flavors with this new October Centerpiece Menu.

Diners will delight in gathering together for a meal that showcases PRiMO craft preserves. Chef Richard  takes creativity to a whole new level with this menu! Below is a sneak peek at this month’s menu that starts this week. So enjoy the outdoor fall scenery and then gather at Fooducopia for dinner to harvest the flavors of the season.

October’s Centerpiece Menu 

four course dinner menu

$69 per couple   $39 per person

 $22 per person Wine pairing available. (Includes 4 wines)


PRiMO blackberry serrano preserves with an aged cheese of the day and local 34 Degrees crackers.


Organic Spinach with almonds, carrots, strawberries, goats milk feta and a house made PRiMO raspberry habanero vinaigrette.


Braised local beef of the day with a PRiMO Blueberry Jalapeño house made BBQ sauce and carrot purée with seasonal CSA veggies.



Creamy Panna Cotta with PRiMO Strawberry Ancho preserves.

 Fooducopia is now accepting reservations here for dinner for its Centerpiece Menu.

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Good honest food never goes out of style


By Diane Adam October 2, 2016 No Comments on Good honest food never goes out of style

Good honest food is forever fashion’s trend

fashion1“You are what you eat—so don’t be fast, cheap, easy, or fake”—anonymous

I am by no means a trendsetter. In fact, I don’t pay much attention to making sure I am on top of the latest styles out of the fashion magazines. However, aside from just making this confession, I’m going to make a fashion statement. Heck, I will be so bold as to call it the hottest fall fashion trend. Making sure to eat good honest food is the perfect style for anyone. Ok I said it. Now let me explain.

Autumn is when the fashion industry bombards us with the latest fall trends that will make us look good and ultimately feel better. Right? Well, not really if you can see through the smoke and mirrors.

I always wonder if we stopped and got off this dizzying merry go round of fashion falsehoods what would we all look like?

Last week, I met up with a friend and they were looking at a pair of shoes for $100. I asked them if that $100 would ever be spent on good, quality groceries.

It stumped the person a bit and the conversation quickly turned to something else that allowed her to exit that thought. We never got back to the answer.

So let’s take a minute and look at that answer now. Why are we so quick to buy into unhealthy fashion falsehoods? We have no problem dropping $100 on the latest fall boots—which I might add are not comfortable at all. However, when it comes to the food we eat, we cut corners at all costs. We just don’t take the time to consume good honest food. And I think that is the biggest fashion faux pas.

Several years ago, I had the pleasure to attend a press luncheon at the famed Art Institute in Chicago. A beautiful landmark next to Lake Michigan. The Art Institute hosted the event, which centered on fashion and art in its famed Stock Exchange Room. The room boasts one of the cities most exceptional design spaces.

I sat next to some esteemed colleagues in the media industry. One of who was a famed Chicago fashion journalist. The conversation went very kindly. We clicked the moment we sat down. We talked like old friends. Topics we discussed included art, the Chicago dining scene and what foods we enjoyed eating and cooking. And then we touched upon fashion—and what followed next surely did surprise me.

As we ate our Cobb salad, she complimented me on my appearance. I was at first horrified because I thought she was joking. I had on a simple worn out dark green cardigan with a red patterned scarf. The dark green cardigan was my go to on deadline days as it was comfortable and familiar. I am not one to stand out in a crowd with the latest trends, but here I was surrounded by some of the best-dressed media colleagues. So I thought what did she mean?

I am sorry to disappoint, but she wasn’t complimenting me on my clothes. She did highlight that my use of a simple red scarf to add  color to an otherwise drab green cardigan was a fashion plus. Ok, not in those words exactly, but what came next was what I will always remember. “Fashion trends come and go, but taking care of yourself and eating good honest food is never out of fashion.” Wow, I thought. Here she is at a fashion event showing indifference to the essentials of fashion trends, as we know them. Instead she spoke with such confidence about the way you carry yourself and what you put into your body is what makes you beautiful.

I was flattered like you can’t imagine. It made me straighten my dark green cardigan. It wasn’t the label or trend that enamored her, but rather the way I wore the cardigan and the red scarf. I felt good from the inside out. Not vice versa. That was and continues to be my fashion mantra.

Now, please don’t walk away thinking that you should never flip through the latest fashion magazines or boycott the mall. But rather take fashion with a grain of salt—or a glass of water it’s healthier. And remember that good honest food will last long after the runway. It’s what makes you beautiful both inside and out.

Her simple words of truth dispelled all the fashion falsehoods surrounding looking good and feeling better. Instead she confirmed that above the fray good honest food never goes out of style.

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Dinner in Wash Park celebrates summer’s heirloom tomatoes


By Diane Adam September 21, 2016 No Comments on Dinner in Wash Park celebrates summer’s heirloom tomatoes

Dinner in Wash Park features locally grown heirloom tomatoes

farmyard csa tomatoes

Dinner in Wash Park at Fooducopia celebrates summer’s showstoppers—heirloom tomatoes!

Ok, I get it. Everyone is ready for fall and is “obsessed with pumpkins” as my oldest son tells me. But actually, we have one more day of summer to bask in. Therefore, the official start to fall kicks off tomorrow, so for dinner in Wash Park at organic restaurant Fooducopia, we’re all about celebrating the summer harvest of heirloom tomatoes.

This colorful produce of red, yellow and green is a welcome send off to the summer season. With no exception, this month’s Centerpiece Menu is all about those summer darlings—heirloom tomatoes. Executive Chef Richard Glover transforms this month’s four course menu into a showstopper of tastes.

Proud to partner this month with Farmyard CSA, Fooducopia diners will be treated to a medley of summer flavors.

“Chef Richard works his magic with whatever we put in his hands.  And we can assure you that what we are putting in his hands this month is a beautiful assortment of tomatoes of many different heirloom varieties,” said Debbie Dalrymple, Farmyard CSA owner/farmer.

While, growing the finest heirloom tomatoes just a hop skip and a jump from your table, Fooducopia is a great place for dinner in Wash Park to experience produce grown within a five mile radius of the restaurant. Yep, that’s right. Good honest food within walking distance.five-miles

So be sure to join us for dinner in Wash Park this month at the corner of Race and Kentucky Avenue where good honest food meets the end of summer flavors.


•Grilled shrimp cocktail stuffed heirloom tomato and local micro mustard greens


    Caprese salad- heirlooms, house made goat ricotta, balsamic reduction and basil micro greens


Grilled local steak of the day with Greek style tomato salad and Mini Moos goat milk feta


     •Cinnamon and brown sugar sweet tomato turnover and whipped cream

$22 per person Wine pairing available. (Includes 4 wines)

So be sure to make reservations here for dinner. Centerpiece Menu: $69 per couple or $39 per person.

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