Not Your Grandmother’s Recipe: Cookies with Almond Flour

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Almond Flour Snickerdoodle Cookies from Food for Thin

As almonds are high in protein and very low in carbohydrates and sugar, almond flour is a tasty and lower carb alternative to the traditional wheat flour used by our parents and grandparents. Made by grounding blanched almonds into a fine powder, it’s a rising star in the gluten free and Paleo worlds since almonds are naturally gluten and grain free.

Packed with manganese, vitamin E, monounsaturated fats (the good kinds of fat), and omega 6 fatty acids, almonds are a nutrient powerhouse. These fatty acids play a crucial role in brain function, growth, and metabolism, but our bodies cannot actually produce the acids, so they must be gleaned from food sources—yet another reason to grab a few almond flour treats!

Food for Thin, whose goal is to provide good, wholesome food that is delicious, filling and healthy, has crafted three delectable almond flour cookie flavors. In addition to being a gluten free confectionery, their products are also dairy and preservative free and can be made vegan upon request.

Prepared with organic ground cinnamon and raw organic wildflower honey in lieu of refined sugar, the Snickerdoodles are a selling star.  The classic Chocolate Chip Cookie is also wildly popular—a chewy, chocolaty snack or dessert that will keep you coming back for more. Last but not least, the Oatmeal Golden Raisin Cookies, baked with Golden Hunza Raisins—which are unsulphured and grown without chemical fertilizers—are so delicious even Grandma will want the recipe!

All Food for Thin cookies are made to order, ensuring that only the freshest desserts reach your table. In light of this, please allow 5-7 days for order processing. Order a few different varieties today and start enjoying healthy, scrumptious, lower carb desserts.

Foods with No Sugar Added: The Sneaky & Tasty Way to Healthier Snacking

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Food for Thin Lemon Bars

Whether you’re following a strict diet or simply trying to cut down on added sugar, Fooducopia has a wealth of options to satisfy your cravings without the added sugar. These products all use refined sugar alternatives like honey, agave, or stevia, or simply omit added sweeteners altogether by capitalizing on the sugars that naturally occur in the food, like sugars in fruit.


Nature’z Candyz

This San Diego based company has elevated snacking to a whole new level. Touting an entire line of gourmet dried fruits without added sugar or preservatives, eating your daily serving of fruits has never been easier — or tastier! For a classic flavor, grab a bag of the Cinnamon Applez or, if you’re feeling adventurous, check out the Lime Bananaz.



Chocolate chip and pumpkin cranberry cookies never felt so good. These vegan morsels are made without gluten, soy, preservatives, or added sweeteners, making them the ultimate guilt-free indulgence. What’s more, Mac-n-Mo’s has created a do-it-yourself Morselicious Mix, for homemade vegan cookies in a snap.


Bunnery Natural Foods

Wholesome, nourishing, and healthy could be the mantra of this bakery specializing in granola and hot cereal.  Granola made from oats, seeds, and nuts, and sweetened with a touch of coconut and wildflower honey instead of refined sugar, makes for a hearty breakfast or snack. You might also try their O.S.M. Hot Cereal which blends oats, cracked wheat, millet, oat bran, and seeds while steering clear of sweeteners and preservatives.


Food for Thin

Who would have guessed that rich, Chocolate Hazelnut Brownies could be so delicious without the use of wheat, dairy, or added sweeteners? Food for Thin defies all common notions of dessert indulgence with their healthy spin on baked goods. The best part? They make everything from Lemon Bars to Pie. One bite and you’ll never go back to mainstream desserts again.

Cooking with Beer Part III: Chocolate Stout Bundt Cake

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This, the third and final installment of my “Cooking with Beer” experiment, may be my favorite so far.  Who can do anything but salivate when chocolate cake is involved?  Perhaps one day I’ll host a complete Cooking with Beer Feast and dazzle my guests with Crunchy Beer Bread, Roast Pork Loin with Zesty Beer Sauce, and today’s Chocolate Stout Bundt Cake all in one evening!  (And then provide comfy places for everyone to pass out…)

This delicious cake bakes up very tall and moist–it’s quite impressive once it’s all drizzled and ready to eat.   Read More →

6 Mother’s Day Cakes: Ideas to Make Mom Smile

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New moms and seasoned child-rearing veterans alike will appreciate the love and thoughtfulness behind these fabulous Mother’s Day cakes.

spiced flourless thousand-layer cakeEuforia’s Spiced Flourless Thousand-Layer Cake

You could pen a poetic message to your mom along with this cake, alluding to its many individually-baked and delicately sweet layers. The story behind Euforia is also very fitting for Mother’s Day — founder Kartika Castonguay started the company as a way of preserving the memory of her late mother, who taught her how to make these exquisite cakes.

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3 of the Best Gluten-Free Cookbooks to Read Now

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Gluten-free living is all the rage lately. Yes, it’s a serious issue for those living with gluten intolerance or Celiac disease. But if you want to lose a few pounds, clear up your skin, or win a grand slam, gluten-free is is quickly becoming the go-to diet.

Opinions on the best gluten-free cookbooks will always vary based on the person you ask; but here’s a compilation of three worthy titles to help carry you down the gluten-free road (not exactly paved with yellow bricks — it’s more of a path paved with tapioca flour and nut butters).

Paleo Comfort Foods: Homestyle Cooking for a Gluten-Free Kitchen by Julie Sullivan Mayfield is a go-to cookbook when hosting gluten-free or dairy-free guests. The Paleo diet (no grains, gluten, legumes or dairy) is named after our hunting and gathering forefathers. This cookbook takes the familiar dinners we all grew up with and turns them into tasty gluten-free dishes that even gluten lovers will enjoy. The book is large, but the photos are helpful (and beautiful!) and the recipes are simple, easy-to-follow, and taste great. If you’re nervous about hosting gluten-free folks, here’s a tip: clean the kitchen before cooking, and ban wheat flour from the area. Don’t even let it sit on the counter in a closed container. An even better suggestion? Focus on dinner and order the dessert from Fooducopia: Dream Desserts makes a variety of gluten-free bars that are decadent and delicious. Read More →

Food for Thin: Healthy Eating Doesn’t Have to Be Bland

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Tanuja Paruchuri has a knack for transforming decadent treats into something surprisingly good for your waistline, taste uncompromised.

She runs the artisan chocolate company, The Chocolate Sutra, and has recently launched another culinary venture called Food for Thin.

Food for Thin Fast Facts

Owner: Tanuja Paruchuri

Founded: 2010

Home Base: Chevy Chase, Maryland

In the last few years Tanuja has completely revamped her diet, and Food for Thin’s products are based on sharing her personal lifestyle transformation with others.

After being overweight as long as she could remember, Tanuja’s circumstances changed when she decided she wanted to be healthy more than she wanted to be thin.

She tapped into the online food community and started learning healthy cooking techniques from blogs like Elana’s Pantry and others on

As she experimented with new ways of cooking and baking, Tanuja achieved her goal of better health and experienced serious weightloss, going from a size 10 to zero, which she likes to call icing on the cake.

Tanjua was so encouraged by what she learned through her personal health transformation, she felt obligated to share it.

“I discovered this. I was able to do it after being overweight almost all my life. I know it can be done, and I know it’s not as hard as everybody thinks. People can still have things that taste good, and you can still eat what you what want. It’s just got to be more controlled.”

The control happens at the ingredient level, not the taste level.

Food for Thin’s products include healthy cupcakes, cookies, and scones, most of which are flourless, gluten free, and dairy free. (Note: Some products are vegan — see Tanuja’s comment below.)

The lineup is a natural expansion of her dairy free chocolate truffles. She’s refined the traditional recipes using healthful ingredient substitutions, incorporating them so skillfully that the flavor isn’t weakened one bit.

Tanuja wants people to enjoy eating a healthy diet, staying motivated and satisfied with taste-worthy alternatives.

“One of my major goals is to get people understand that healthy eating doesn’t have to be bland, doesn’t have to be boring. It can really, really taste good — even desserts.”

What is Fooducopia?

What is Fooducopia?Our mission is simple — we connect food entrepreneurs and local farmers to customers across the country. If you’d like to discover more artisan foods filled with the heart and soul of people like Tanuja Paruchuri, Fooducopia is a place we think you’ll love.