6 Mother’s Day Cakes: Ideas to Make Mom Smile


By Jessica Lymberopoulos April 26, 2012 No Comments on 6 Mother’s Day Cakes: Ideas to Make Mom Smile

New moms and seasoned child-rearing veterans alike will appreciate the love and thoughtfulness behind these fabulous Mother’s Day cakes.

spiced flourless thousand-layer cakeEuforia’s Spiced Flourless Thousand-Layer Cake

You could pen a poetic message to your mom along with this cake, alluding to its many individually-baked and delicately sweet layers. The story behind Euforia is also very fitting for Mother’s Day — founder Kartika Castonguay started the company as a way of preserving the memory of her late mother, who taught her how to make these exquisite cakes.

Giant Cupcake Topped with Roses

Madewithloveby.me has instructions for crafting a gigantic cupcake that would make a perfect homemade treat to give your mom this year. Her secret is to make a chocolate casing for the cupcake to sit in. Send us pictures if you try this one!

Cheesecakes in a Jar Sampler

Spoil your mom with Decadence Gourmet Cheesecake‘s six most popular individual, portion-sized cheesecakes that are actually baked in their own recyclable glass jars! Flavors include German Chocolate, Tiramisu, Outer Banks (Peanut Butter and Chocolate), NY Style, Strawberry NY Style, and Key Lime.

She’ll love this gift — just don’t expect her to share!

The Pioneer Woman’s Springy Flower Pot Desserts

Now these are fun! Bring back fond memories of the early years with your mom by making her these dirt cake-esque desserts, beautifully served in flower pots and garnished with fresh flowers. Ingredients include ice cream, pound cake, oreos, and gummy worms of course. Yum!

Vanilla Cupcakes with Coconut Frosting

At first these cupcakes from Food for Thin may seem a little too “vanilla” for a Mother’s Day gift. But after one bite they reveal appealing tropical overtones from the coconut flour, milk, and oil used as ingredients. If you have a family beach vacation coming up, these healthy cupcakes will help carry Mom through until she can dip her toes in the sand (and won’t threaten her bathing suit-look).

Purple Ombre Sprinkles Cake

This trendy Purple Ombre Sprinkles Cake recipe from Rasberri Cupcakes is the perfect option for the bright and cheery young mom. You’ll need a little skill in the kitchen to pull this one off, so recruit the help of an experience family baker if needed.


Food for Thin: Healthy Eating Doesn’t Have to Be Bland


By Jessica Lymberopoulos March 1, 2011 1 Comment on Food for Thin: Healthy Eating Doesn’t Have to Be Bland

Tanuja Paruchuri has a knack for transforming decadent treats into something surprisingly good for your waistline, taste uncompromised.

She runs the artisan chocolate company, The Chocolate Sutra, and has recently launched another culinary venture called Food for Thin.

Food for Thin Fast Facts

Owner: Tanuja Paruchuri

Founded: 2010

Home Base: Chevy Chase, Maryland

In the last few years Tanuja has completely revamped her diet, and Food for Thin’s products are based on sharing her personal lifestyle transformation with others.

After being overweight as long as she could remember, Tanuja’s circumstances changed when she decided she wanted to be healthy more than she wanted to be thin.

She tapped into the online food community and started learning healthy cooking techniques from blogs like Elana’s Pantry and others on foodgawker.com.

As she experimented with new ways of cooking and baking, Tanuja achieved her goal of better health and experienced serious weightloss, going from a size 10 to zero, which she likes to call icing on the cake.

Tanjua was so encouraged by what she learned through her personal health transformation, she felt obligated to share it.

“I discovered this. I was able to do it after being overweight almost all my life. I know it can be done, and I know it’s not as hard as everybody thinks. People can still have things that taste good, and you can still eat what you what want. It’s just got to be more controlled.”

The control happens at the ingredient level, not the taste level.

Food for Thin’s products include healthy cupcakes, cookies, and scones, most of which are flourless, gluten free, and dairy free. (Note: Some products are vegan — see Tanuja’s comment below.)

The lineup is a natural expansion of her dairy free chocolate truffles. She’s refined the traditional recipes using healthful ingredient substitutions, incorporating them so skillfully that the flavor isn’t weakened one bit.

Tanuja wants people to enjoy eating a healthy diet, staying motivated and satisfied with taste-worthy alternatives.

“One of my major goals is to get people understand that healthy eating doesn’t have to be bland, doesn’t have to be boring. It can really, really taste good — even desserts.”

What is Fooducopia?

What is Fooducopia?Our mission is simple — we connect food entrepreneurs and local farmers to customers across the country. If you’d like to discover more artisan foods filled with the heart and soul of people like Tanuja Paruchuri, Fooducopia is a place we think you’ll love.

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