10 Clever Ways to Eat Kale

By Jessica Lymberopoulos March 13, 2012 5 Comments

By now you’ve heard about the extraordinary health benefits of kale. This pretty leafy green is a nutritional powerhouse rich in vitamin K — definitely one you want to incorporate into a balanced diet if it’s not already a staple.

Need I say more? Here are ten clever and hopefully new-to-you ways to “eat more kale!” (Sorry, Chick-fil-A.)

  1. Kale-Stuffed Shells. An old favorite with an on-trend nutritional punch.
  2. Kale and Potato Purée. A three-ingredient dish that The Kitchn calls “comforting, familiar, and yet fresh.”

    potato and kale puree


  1. Kale Pesto. Simply genius!
  2. Apple Ginger Kale Juice. So refreshing you can’t even taste the kale.

    kale juice


  1. Kale-Dusted Popcorn. Kale chips are so last year. It’s time to start crumbling them over popcorn.
  2. Pasta with Creamy Kale Sauce. A versatile way to work in those greens.

    pasta with creamy kale sauce


  1. Sausage Kale Potato Casserole. Keep kale down-to-earth in this comforting casserole.
  2. Spicy Kale Lasagna. Yes and yes.
spicy kale lasagna


  1. Kale Carbonara. Don’t be afraid to make “bastardized carbonara” compromised by a vegetable superstar — you won’t regret it.
  2. Frozen kale cubes. Make pediatrician-approved homemade baby food in seconds with these chunks of green.
frozen kale cubes


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