Breakfast Menu


French Toast or Pancakes 

Choose whether you want the following as French Toast or Pancakes
Crazy Berry   organic berry topping with walnuts & Mini Moos goat cheese   $10.99
Chocolove   chocolate chips, organic bananas, walnuts, Justin’s peanut butter & toasted marshmallow whipped cream   $11.99
Savory   Breadworks brioche, Haze Dell wild mushrooms, organic tomato,  spinach, Mini Moo's chevre & hollandaise     $10.99
Bananas Fosters   with walnuts & toasted marshmallow whipped cream  $10.99
Cinnamon Apple  with walnuts & toasted marshmallow whipped cream   $10.99
Nanna’s Banana Bread French Toast   house-made banana bread with house-made jam & toasted marshmallow whipped cream  $10.99

Hash or Frittata

Choose whether you want the following as a Hash or Frittata.
-- Hashes come with two pastured-raised eggs, Breadworks crostini & house-made hollandaise.
-- Frittatas are topped with arugula salad, balsamic reduction & side of Breadworks crostini.
Mixed Veggie   organic in-season sauteed veggies    $11.99
Wild Mushroom   sauteed blend of thick cut wild mushrooms  $12.99
Pork Belly   slow roasted pork belly cooked crispy, caramelized onions & roasted red peppers  $13.99
Chorizo   spicy house-made chorizo with caramelized onions  $13.99
Duck Confit   slow roasted shredded duck confit  $16.99

Eggs Benedict

Two pasture-raised poached eggs served on english muffins & choice of organic potatoes or veggies
Pork Belly Benedict   tender belly pork belly with cranberry chipotle hollandaise  $13.99
Prosciutto Benedict   prosciutto with cranberry chipotle hollandaise $12.99
Wild Mushroom Benedict  wild mushrooms, organic tomato, spinach with mini moos goat feta & hollandaise $13.99
Chorizo Benedict   house-made chorizo, avocado, hollandaise & captain spongefoot honey sriracha  $13.99
Bacon Benedict  asparagus & bacon topped with hollandaise  $13.99
Garden Benedict  mixed organic veggies with hollandaise  $12.99

Breakfast Sandwiches

Open-faced sandwich served with two pasture-raised eggs on Breadworks crostini
Avocado, Bacon, Tomato  arugula & parmesan cheese  $9.99
Ricotta Cheese & Veggie organic house vegetables, chives, arugula & lemon zest  $9.99


Pasture-raised eggs cooked to order & served with Breadworks crostini
Pesto Scrambler  house-made pesto, organic potatoes & organic veggies    $11.99
Steak & Eggs Scrambler  dry-aged local beef with organic potatoes  $16.99
Wild Mushroom Scrambler  hazel dell wild mushrooms, organic potatoes    $12.99


Biscuits & Gravy  jumbo house-made biscuit & chorizo gravy with pasture-raised eggs cooked to order    $12.99
Breakfast Tacos  pork or vegetarian corn tacos with pasture-raised eggs, organic potatoes & black beans  $13.99
Square Plate   local pasture-raised eggs, choice of organic potatoes or veggies & choice of tender belly bacon or sausage with breadworks 10-grain toast & house made jam   $11.99


Choice of organic potatoes or veggies for a side & served with Breadworks 10-grain toast
Veggies Delight Omelet  mixed organic veggies & brie cheese  $12.99
Wild Mushroom Omelet  wild mushrooms, roasted red peppers & mini moos goat cheesee  $12.99
Greek Omelet organic spinach, tomatoes & caramelized onions with mini moos feta cheese  $12.99
Southwest Omelet  jalapeños, spinach, bell peppers, pepper jack cheese & salsa  $12.99
Meat Lovers Omelet   bacon, sausage, ham & cheddar cheese  $12.99
Wash Park Omelet  tender belly bacon, organic onions, bell peppers & cheddar cheese  $12.99


Organic Potatoes $4.99
Organic Hand Cut Fruit $5.99
Sautéed Organic Vegetables   $4.99
Tender Belly Bacon or Sausage $4.99
Slow-Cooked Southern Grits $4.99