Dinner Menu


Due to current circumstances, we have a new limited menu.

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Dinner Plates  (served all day)

Chili and Cornbread  slow-cooked chili, Colorado beef, kidney beans, cornbread   $13.99
Grilled Steak with Mushrooms   steak of the day, sauteĢed mushrooms and onion, your choice of side   $15.99
Fried Rice    pork belly or vegetable,  soy, garlic, lemongrass, ginger, rice, egg, carrot, onion, celery   $13.99
Curry  South African-Indian curry, toasted coconut, South African peach chutney, rice   $13.99
Mac and Cheese three-cheese blend, cream sauce, pasta + choice of side  $13.99
Add Pulled Pork or BBQ Pork   $5.99
Burger  Colorado Beef, with house-made mustard, mayonnaise, Elevation ketchup, The Real Dill pickles, lettuce, tomato, onion, Breadworks brioche bun + choice of side  $14.99
Add Bacon $0.99
Add Cheddar  $0.99
 Add Cheddar $0.99


Sandwiches (served all day)

served with side
BLT Sandwich   Tender Belly bacon, lettuce, tomato, house-made mustard, mayo, Breadworks 10-grain bread    $13.99
Grilled Cheese Sandwich   3 cheese blend, Breadworks 10-grain bread  $12.99
Cuban Sandwich   Tender Belly slow-roasted pork, The Real Dill pickles, house-made mustard, cheese, Breadworks rustique bread  $14.99
BBQ pork Sandwich Tender Belly slow-roasted pork, BBQ sauce, Breadworks brioche bun $13.99
Mushroom Pesto Sandwich  wild mushrooms, fire-roasted red peppers, house-made pesto, cheese, Breadworks rustique bread  $14.99

Breakfast Classics  (served all day)

Buttermilk Pancakes   classic or chocolate chip   $12.99
Hash   2 eggs cooked to order, choice of meat or  vegetables, crispy hashbrowns, toast and jam  $14.99
Burrito   2 scrambled eggs, choice of meat or vegetables, potatoes, cumin-dusted black beans, flour tortilla, local salsa    $12.99
Steak and Eggs   2 eggs cooked to order, grilled steak of the day, choice of side, toast and jam  $15.99


House Salad $5.99
Breakfast Potatoes   $5.99
Soup of the Day $4.99
Sauteed Vegetables   $5.99
Steak Fries $5.99
Mashed Potatoes $5.99
Mushrooms and Cheese $5.99
Tender Belly Bacon $5.99
Tender Belly Sausage $5.99
Fruit $5.99
Bread Basket $4.99


Bread pudding  $6.99

Cheese cake  $6.99

Chocolate cake $6.99