'Sorta Hot' Buffalo Wing Sauce

'Sorta Hot' Buffalo Wing Sauce
this MultipleNationalAwardWinner is a FlavorBomb, perfectly balanced with ethereal warmth. it's a tasty Endorphin Jamboree for folks that generally order their wings Medium to Hot. to make the exact sauce that Won all the shiny stuff and won the Hearts, minds and palates of thousands of folks in Buffalo (see videos, see facebook), just Follow The Directions on the bottle. you can also make it Milder by adding More Butter, Hotter by adding Less Butter, or use it as a Hot Sauce right outta the bottle. Use it to make anything better - wings, pizza, burgers, chili, fries, nachos, eggs, samwiches, leftovers, scraps, dirt, twigs... heck it's so dern good, ya can use it on nothin at all if ya want, just slurp it right up. Most importantly you can use it to treat your Family and Friends to something that's One-of-a-kind-Tasty. MAKE THE HOLE IN YER FACE HAPPY! Enjoy.
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The National-Award-Winningest Wing Sauce Brand in History Every atom of these 249-Time...read more

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