Thousand-layer Cake - Whole Cake, Mezzo - Flourless

Thousand-layer Cake - Whole Cake, Mezzo - Flourless
Un-sliced cake ready for any creative touch and serving possibilities. Cake dimension and weight apprx. 6" x 3 1/3" x 2", 20 oz FLAVOR Spice euforia original flavors are created from spice blends representing the tantalizing flavors of the spice islands. Vanilla A mellow vanilla flavor that is familiar, yet seductive. Lemon Fall In love with the luscious lemon layers that will tickle your taste buds with tangy sweetness. euforia thousand-layer cake can be shipped and stored at room temperature for 3 weeks. To extend the shelf life and maintain the freshness of your delicious cake, place in refrigerator (up to 3 months) or in the freezer (up to 1 year). ALLERGEN INFORMATION Contains: dairy, eggs
Ingredients: Ingredients: eggs, butter, sugar, milk, fragrant spices/vanilla/lemon, salt, and citric acid (for lemon flavor only).
Type: Peanut Free,  All Natural,  Gluten Free,  Preservative Free,  Wheat Free
Starting Price: $30.00
Delivery Not Available
Spice 6" x 3 1/3" x 2" $30.00
Vanilla 6" x 3 1/3" x 2" $30.00
Lemon 6" x 3 1/3" x 2" $30.00

euforia by Kartika's Kitchen
euforia all-natural exotic gourmet cakes are made of simple, pure, and natural ingredients. more

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