Lupin Flour

Lupin Flour
Our commitment to today�s generation is to fight obesity and celiac disease by incorporating highly digestible, Gluten Free Lupin Flour with any food formulation! Lopino� stands for a wide range of functional food using lupin flour milled from dehulled leguminous lupin kernels. Lupin Flour is - Gluten Free High Protein Rich in Dietary Fiber and Minerals Prebiotic for Improved Bowel Health High Rate of Digestion Low in Fat Vegan Non GMO 100% Pure Plant Origin
Ingredients: Premium Lupin Flour milled from dehulled seeds.
Type: Peanut Free,  All Natural,  Gluten Free,  Kosher,  Raw,  Sugar Free,  Vegan,  Wheat Free,  Dairy Free
Starting Price: $4.15
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1lb bag $4.15
9-1lb bag (FREE SHIPPING) $40.50
12-1lb bags (FREE SHIPPING) $54.15
1lb bag $4.15

Lopino Foods
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