Bolder Beans Pickled Green Beans - 3 Pack Combo

Bolder Beans Pickled Green Beans - 3 Pack Combo
A 3-pack of Rogue's Bolder Beans. 3 x 16 oz! Three 16 ounce jars of spicy pickled green beans. You get all three heat levels, Hot, Medium and Mild. Now everybody is happy! These crunchy, zesty BOLDER Beans KICK UP the flavor. Toss them in your Bloody Mary. Throw them in a martini. Put them on a salad. Or just eat them right outta the jar! Best served chilled.
Ingredients: Green beans, water, organic distilled white vinegar, salt, garlic, chile pepper, spices. No artificial coloring or preservatives.
Type: Peanut Free,  Fat Free,  All Natural,  Gluten Free,  Preservative Free,  Sugar Free,  Vegan,  Wheat Free,  Dairy Free
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3 Pack of 16oz Jars $23.99

Bolder Beans
Once you try these pickled veggies, we know you'll be hooked. We use only the freshest and more

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