Sweet Chili Sauce - Medium

Sweet Chili Sauce  - Medium
Our Chili Sauce is also an excellent Hors D’Oeuvre over Cream Cheese with Ritz Crackers. If you like a Sweet heat taste , then you’re going to love this with Eggs, Potatoes and Burritos. If you love new recipes, marinate chicken/pork or seafood & BBQ, Roast, Bake or Smoke. Also, put in a crock-pot with meatballs or Li’l Smokey's ®. Sauté your favorite meats/vegetables or use as a Chinese red sauce (egg rolls-wontons YUMMY!). Use in Stir fry, rice ,pasta, bean and Ramón dishes. Makes a great Balsamic Vinaigrette Salad Dressing! In on and over everything! One of the highlights with this product is that it is Gluten Free and has no sodium, this makes it one of our best sellers.
Type: Peanut Free,  All Natural,  Gluten Free,  Preservative Free,  Vegan
Starting Price: $8.00
16 oz jar $8.00

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