Pesto Piccante

Pesto Piccante
Using fresh basil, olive oil, almonds, and red chili pepper, Pesto Piccante is the new pasta sauce we've all been waiting for. Pizza, bread, pasta, vegetables, and so much more can benefit from using this delicious organic pesto spread. Next time you are going to buy pesto, don't forget about Bianca's Gourmet Pesto Piccante. This one will really entice your dinner guests. Remember, it's got a bit of a kick for those who like a little spice in their life.
Type: Peanut Free,  All Natural,  Preservative Free,  Wheat Free
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1 - 6 oz hex jar $6.00
3 - 6 oz hex jar $17.00

Bianca's Gourmet
Our story begins in the ancient land of Sicily, Italy. Family recipes have been passed more

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Pesto Piccante
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