O.S.M Pancake & Waffle Mix

O.S.M Pancake & Waffle Mix
The Bunnery's O.S.M. pancakes and waffles are among Jackson's favorite breakfasts, bursting with nutty flavor and texture. Delicious with all the classic accompaniments, try them later in the day as a raft for chipped beef or creamed chicken. Wheat flour, oats, cracked wheat, sunflower seeds, millet and bran set them way apart from the ordinary in taste and nutrition.
Type: Peanut Free,  Fat Free,  All Natural,  Preservative Free
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24oz bag $5.95
18oz. $5.95

Bunnery bakery
Since 1975 The Bunnery Bakery has been a Jackson Hole mainstay providing baked goods, healthy...read more

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