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Fooducopia is the best online resource for learning about different flavors and tastes of food. We explain how to store and keep foods at its freshest, so you can enjoy them at their best. Whether you’re looking for information on a specific ingredient or dish, or just want to learn more about flavor pairings, Taste Like What has you covered! Have you ever asked:

Then you are in the right place. We explain what types of food taste like what and how to know when they are ripe and how to store them.

How Does Fooducopia Support Itself?

As of right now we are a completely free resource online. We do this because we have a passion for food, cooking and ingredients and would like to share our knowledge with our users! If we do change how we present our information within our website, we will update you here!

We Research A Lot

We spend thousands of hours a year researching food taste from both eating the food we review and by researching others experiences with food.

We strive to bring the most in-depth guides so you can make a quick decision on what certain foods may taste like.

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Meet R Smith, a food blog writer with a passion for creating delicious and healthy recipes. With a degree in nutrition and years of experience in the culinary industry, Mr. Smith has a wealth of knowledge on how to make nutritious meals that are both tasty and satisfying.


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Meet Nancy, our main content writer with a passion for all things culinary. Nancy has been a professional chef for over a decade, honing her skills in some of the world’s top kitchens before transitioning to food writing.


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Meet Patricia, the head food blog writer with a passion for creating delicious and innovative recipes. With a degree in culinary arts and years of experience in the food industry, Patricia has honed her skills in creating dishes that are both beautiful and flavorful.