Fooducopia Visits University of Wyoming


On a very brisk December morning, I loaded up mywyoming_logo car with six sellers products and head north from Denver to Laramie.  The University of Wyoming was holding a holiday show and Fooducopia made an appearance to introduce some delicious food to the great people of Wyoming.  It was a great success.  The patrons of the event showed great interest in Fooducopia and were delighted to purchase these great products.

The sellers I featured at the show included:

  • Aduro BeanAduro Bean Coffee– Nancy and Rupert Crabb know how to roast coffee.  They are located in Fort Worth, TX and they impressed the people from Wyoming with their coffee.  Over coming the fact that there was free coffee being handed out just behind my booth, people where still all about Aduro Bean Coffee because of its great flavor.
  • Anija'sAnija’s Mustard–  A delightful Finnish woman named Tuija is from Fort Collins, CO and makes a fantastic Finnish mustard.  Her jars of mustard flew off the table.  I sold out within hours of starting the show.  The second day, I had people begging me for more of her mustard.  Fortunately, there is Fooducopia to purchase more of her mustard very conveniently.
  • Gary West MeatsGary West Jerky– Caleb makes this great Jerky over in Oregon.  Now, Wyoming is known for their cowboys, hence their mascot for the University.  And everyone knows how much cowboys enjoy their jerky.  Well, the people of Wyoming were very impressed with Gary West’s Jerky.  Quite a compliment to Caleb and his team.
  • Rocky Mountain SalsaRocky Mountain Salsa–  Amy Lasley lives in Fort Collins and has created a salsa that keeps people dipping for more.  The college students were all about Rocky Mountain Salsa.  Very few were able to walk by without trying it, and then buying some.  One student made a run to the ATM just so he could buy some.
  • Four SeasonsRosy Raspberry Vinegar– Our very own, Pericles Tarsinos is the creator of this wonderful vinegar.  I enjoyed giving out samples to the people of Wyoming to see their reaction after it hit their pallet.  After easing their apprehension about tasting vinegar, they all would say how incredible the taste was.  They couldn’t wait to try it on their next salad.
  • Zen RabbitZen Rabbit–  The Gratitude Cookie was created by Lori Saitz down in Palm Beach, Florida.  It was very fitting for the show, and one young man was so exited to get these delicious cookies for his mom for Christmas.

Laramie Holiday ShowThe goal for attending this show was two fold.  First we wanted to introduce the people of Wyoming to the great marketplace of Fooducopia.  We did this buy accomplishing our second goal which was to have people actually taste the fantastic products available on Fooducopia.  We thought all involved would benefit.

Finally, I have to say thank you to the people of Wyoming.  I was overwhelmed with their kindness and generosity.  For example, Thursday morning in Laramie, the temperature was below zero, yet one of the girls from the rugby team was kind of enough to help carry stuff from my car to the booth.   I look forward to attending the show again.

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