Chef Richard, like you’ve never seen him

Chef Richard talks shop: Healthy food, Denver and the fall season



Executive Chef Richard Glover sat down with me recently to talk about healthy food Denver, honey and fall’s palette.

If you’ve only experienced Chef Richard through his cooking now is a great time to see another side of him. Always the curious conversation starter, Chef Richard explores life through a wide lens. His uncanny ability to make the ordinary into the extraordinary never ceases to amaze those around him. Case in point. Honey.

The power of honey

Chef Richard always had his hand in the honey jar beginning with his famous Hulee Super Cookie. A few years back when he was still making his famous good-tasting and nutritious power bar, he educated himself on the power of honey or “liquid gold” as he calls it.

With no hint of duplicity, Chef Richard spends the next part of our conversation extolling the virtues of honey and pollination.  He mentions his dear friends over at Beyond the Hive who produces some of the finest honey in Colorado.

“I usually trade some of my eggs from my farm for a jar of honey,” he said. He is quick to plead with me that I never buy honey that is imported. He explained that you just never know what is being put into the jars. I assured him I wouldn’t and he reminded me of a new tip. “Honey never expires.” Good to know when you are down to your last jar.

Healthy food

Today is National Food Day. Everyone is on the bandwagon. But Chef Richard understands the passion behind serving healthy food in Denver any day of the year. “Finding and supporting local, and small artisan food producers is the basis for everything we do here at Fooducopia.” He rattles off names of people who are artisan food producers but have also become his friends. There is a connection.


Fall colors

As our conversation winds down, Chef Richard reminds me of the fall foliage. “The yellow, orange and red leaves inspire me,” he said. In a whimsical and engaging way, Chef Richard explains how he transports these colors to the plate. He mentions the yellow squash or the orange pumpkins. “Bringing these colors and flavors together on the menu is the most fun.”

Be sure to enjoy Chef Richard’s menu for breakfast, lunch or dinner. For dinner, please make reservations here.



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