Remind Tim to daydream!

Food for thought  .  .  . daydream!




Fooducopia owner Tim Lymberopoulos is one of the hardest working people bar none. But today it’s our job to remind him and ourselves—it’s OK to daydream. So just how essential is it for our brains to stare into space, wander and be still? It is paramount.

If you Google the word daydreaming, most likely you will find case after case for how important it is. Even though as kids it was highly looked down upon—especially for me during math class.

According to the experts at Stanford University, research suggests our brains are designed for daydreaming. That’s good news for each and every one of us looking to take a much needed mental break!

In addition, scientists at Georgia Institute of Technology recently published a study that suggests it might be a sign of higher intelligence. Yep. Easing back on your office chair and staring above the walls of your cubicle will not only be productive but will make you smarter.

Ok, now don’t wear this motto on your sleeve, but rather take this as a learning curve and be sure to unplug. Nowadays the world is a hyper-productivity rat race. Sometimes we have to unlace our running shoes and simply slow down. We can’t be all to everything. It is a false pretense that society is fueling us to run after. It just simply doesn’t exist.

But what is essential to the race is to rehydrate. And we can quench our thirst through daydreaming. Whether it is taking a walk at lunch or simply just sitting in our favorite spot indoors. We must train our minds that this is not only OK but also necessary for our health.

Here at farm to fork restaurant Fooducopia we are passionate to remind you of the tastes of good honest food.

Today let’s remind Tim and ourselves that good honest food for thought also exists and should be consumed. So start daydreaming!



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