Meet Tim’s sister “Mary Potter” . . . the mug maker!



Fooducopia mug maker revealed!


Walk into Fooducopia any day of the week and you will be sure to hear someone ask: “Who makes these mugs?”

Since the restaurant’s opening in 2008, staff has seen the mugs fly off the shelves, as customers just can’t part with this “must have” mug. So where do they come from? Who is the potter who makes these infamous mugs?

Well we are happy to reveal the family secret. Owner Tim Lymberopoulos comes from a big family. In fact he has nine siblings one of whom he calls “Mary Potter.”

“My sister Mary hand makes all the mugs,” Tim revealed proudly. “In fact, I think the coffee tastes better because of the mug.” Customers couldn’t agree more. Last week a family of four came in for brunch and left with four mugs. “So many people will tell me or my staff how much they enjoy our mugs,” said Tim, who regularly meets with Mary to bring in new mugs to the restaurant.

The mug retails for $18 and customers are happy to pay. “This is a great deal,” shared one customer. The mug is handmade, fired in the kiln and unlike any other.

So who is this “Mary Potter?”

Mary Stamatopoulos, who currently resides in the Midwest with her husband Jim and their two kids, has had a passion for pottery for over 25 years. She credits her mom for instilling in her an artistic interest.

“Growing up my mom always had us creating something, whether it was sewing, painting or knitting—she just loved to see us working with our hands.”

So in the early 1990s when Mary was living in Fort Collins, she signed up for her first, but not last pottery class.

The rest, as they say is history.

She didn’t stay in Colorado, but after making a move to Chicago in the late 1990s, Mary quickly found a much loved pottery studio.

“I took several classes at the Lillstreet Art Center when it was located in Chicago’s Lincoln Park area,” she said.

“Pottery is so therapeutic—it gets your mind off the stress of the day,” said Mary, who currently teaches several pottery classes to kids and adults in a studio.

“When I am in the studio, working with clay is my gift to myself.”

In fact, the idea for a mug came in the form of a gift. “A few years ago I made a mug for Tim as a gift. I never thought much about it, but rather wanted to give him a mug with the word Fooducopia on it for his office.”  Little did she know what this little keepsake would turn into.

An obvious fan of Executive Chef Richard’s menu, Mary incorporated charm and wit into her design of the mug.

“Fooducopia is a place where everyone is welcome and I see the mug as a bonus,” she said. “Whenever we are in Denver, the restaurant is our first stop—to eat and to make a delivery,” she said with a laugh.

mug-copyGet a free mug!

Well it’s working. “Mary Potter” is busy working on a holiday mug that will make anyone on your list happy. Now through December 31, 2017, purchase two $50 gift certificates  and get a mug for FREE. All while supplies last, of course.

“It brings me joy knowing the mugs can bring a smile to someone having coffee,” she said.

So be sure to stop in today and while you’re at it take us along with you! Share your Fooducopia mugshot with us on Instagram and Twitter at #myfooducopiamugshot



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