Meet our Gluten Free Denver Team!

Meet Fooducopia’s Gluten Free Denver Team!


Every week Fooducopia Restaurant Executive Chef Richard Glover carefully crafts a Grab and Go menu that features something for everyone—including those looking for items that are gluten free. In fact tonight’s Grab and Go is herb grilled chicken with rice and veggies—all gluten free.

So this week we wanted to highlight a few of the players on our Gluten Free Denver Team as we like to call them. We will highlight more players in another upcoming blog. These artisan food producers and local companies feature gluten free food that is healthy and delicious.

You often hear that gluten free Denver restaurants are everywhere on the Front Range. Wash Park restaurant Fooducopia is proud to carry gluten free items on its in house menu and Grab and Go as well as the marketplace. For those of you that aren’t familiar with the term, gluten is the proteins found in wheat and can be harmful to those with Celiac Disease.

Meet the Gluten Free Denver Team


Cappello’s Gluten Free Company in Denver


Located here in the Mile High City is the Colorado-based gourmet food company Cappello’s. Founded in 2011, by friends Stacey Marcellus and Benjamin Frohlichstein, Cappello’s has seen itself grow into a mainstay for healthy eaters and people with dietary restrictions.

“We are proud to offer Capello’s,” said Tim Lymberopoulos, owner of Fooducopia. “On any given day our kitchen staff will incorporate Cappello’s pasta into the menu.” Fooducopia even also carries Cappello’s in the marketplace of the restaurant for take home as well. “Seven days a week, neighbors will come in and grab a couple boxes of the Cappello’s pasta—it’s top notch!” added Tim.




This gluten free salsa is da bomb!


During the brunch hours at Fooducopia, you’d be hard pressed not to find a customer happily chowing down on Chef Richard’s breakfast burrito. The pork or vegetarian burrito, stuffed with cage-free eggs, organic potatoes, beans, and not to mention the swimmingly wonderful flavors from the Rocky Mountain Salsa, is a customer favorite.

“We’re proud to have Rocky Mountain Salsa on our gluten free team,” said Tim. “Customers are always buying a few jars to take home as well, it’s just that good!”


fall baking

Gluten Free fall baking essential


Small artisan producer of gluten free breads is the delicious Outrageous Baking of Boulder, CO.

For the past 10 years, Outrageous Baking has been baking up delicious gluten-free sweet breads. The company was born out of a need to make gluten and dairy-free treats as owner Pamela Fletcher’s daughter had eczema as a baby.

According to the company website, “Pamela and her family were determined to not use any form of medical intervention, so they relied on determining which foods created the manifestation of the eczema.”  The rest as they say is history and thus Outrageous Baking was born.

Fooducopia is proud to carry these specialty gluten free breads. “My personal favorite is the chocolate zucchini bread,” said Tim.

Don’t have time to bake? Don’t worry.  In fact, just stop in and grab a loaf. Many people say it’s even better than homemade.



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