What makes YOU happy?

Serving you local, organic food makes us happy!


Tim Lymberopoulos, owner of Fooducopia restaurant in Denver that serves organic food.


Tim Lymberopoulos, owner of Fooducopia restaurant in Denver that serves organic food, is a big fan of J.R.R. Tolkien—the author of the fantasy novel The Hobbit. I am not sure if it is because of the company of friends Tolkien had—C.S. Lewis was one of his most treasured friends—or that he knew what was important in this life.

If you ask Tim, he will tell you that the above quote is one of his favorites. In fact he has it on his desk, computer screen and always on his mind—because he believes what Tolkien penned so long ago.

“There is nothing better than when I am at Fooducopia and I see customers laughing, talking and enjoying a meal together,” he said. “It just makes me happy.”


What makes you happy?


The new year is here and 2018 is still getting used to itself. The resolutions and lists of things to change, get rid of or improve upon are all in clear view, but the questions we need to ask ourselves are: what continues to make us happy? What don’t we need to change but rather keep doing?

Obviously there is no one-size-fits-all type of answer. And thank goodness for that. But finding common ground can make us all happy. And I think Tim is on to something.

History has taught us that selfish wants only bring selfish needs. I am not an expert on Tolkien’s writings. But rather I am here to remind each of us of the weight of his words.

When Tolkien wrote those words, there were no smart devices. The smartphone was not even an idea—nonetheless a device. But now in the digital age that we are in they are a distraction—especially when it comes to dinnertime. Common Sense Media for its #DeviceFreeDinner campaign includes comedian Will Ferrell as a smartphone-addled father trying to get to his hoarded smartphone while the rest of his family just wants to enjoy dinner together without any distractions.

Perhaps the challenge this year is to turn off the hoarded smartphone and value good food, cheer and song.

Happy 2018 from all of us here at the corner of Race and Kentucky Avenue!


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