Filling your plate with a better food system

Good Food 100 and James Beard unite!


There are many lists featuring Denver’s best restaurants—but what do these lists really tell us?

Good Food 100 restaurants co-founder Sara Brito sent out an encouraging press release last week. The release announced a partnership between Good Food 100 restaurants and the James Beard Foundation to accelerate transparency in the culinary community and promote the importance and impact of a sustainable food system.

Brito, co-founder and president, Good Food Media Network, which publishes the Good Food 100 Restaurants List praised the partnership: “This is a natural synergy and embodies both of our commitments to cultivating and nurturing a better food system for all.”

This is where the Good Food 100 Restaurants list goes even further with its findings.

“We know good food is critical to a sustainable and healthy food system, but to what extent? The Good Food 100 is building the economic case to measure that impact,” said Katherine Miller, Vice President of Impact, James Beard Foundation. “As we enter a new phase of the Foundation’s future with a strong commitment to shining a light on a food system that supports people, the planet and economies, we are happy to work with the Good Food 100 team to encourage more robust participation from the culinary community.”

Fooducopia is proud to be part of the Good Food 100 restaurants list highest rating for 2017 and 2018. Good honest food for all is attainable and should be at the top of Denver’s best restaurants list. With this latest partnership, I believe it is only a matter of time before you’ll be filling  your plate with a better food system.



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